Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Mulberry tree and the animals it attracted

The topic for the Polymer Clay Smooshers Blog Ring this week is Mulberry.  First I thought of the color, then my own Mulberry tree popped into my thoughts.  I saved that tree, you know.  The birds must have planted it right next to the downspout on the house, and by the time I noticed it growing there it was about two feet tall. It was already getting cramped in that small space, and wouldn't have survived another year there.  I had no idea what type of plant it was, but it looked healthy and pretty, so I transplanted it to the middle of the yard where it would have some room to grow.  It was a fast grower and before long it became a good sized tree loaded with delicious mulberries.  This is why I save plants- you never know what they might become!

I wasn't the only one who enjoyed those sweet and juicy berries though.  Birds of all types flocked to the tree to devour the fruit.


  1. What a wonderful story! You have me thinking about the possibility of planting one (we have a lot of song birds, bats and other critters in our area(. Great items too!

  2. Very nice! - Love the story as well as the examples from from the Smooshers!! Thank you for participating!