Monday, August 30, 2010

An adorable collection of stuffed animals

I never really did outgrow my love of stuffed animals (and pretty much anything soft and furry- LOL).  So putting together this collection was a lot of fun.  I'm amazed at the variety and quality of the stuffed toys (for kids and adults) being made by artists on ArtFire.  Be sure to click on the pictures and visit the shops- they're full of great items!

Hope you enjoyed this fuzzy collection! :-)
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

The Polymer Clay Smooshers guild Medieval Challenge

My Entry for the Polymer Clay Smooshers Medieval Challege

OOAK Blue and Green Dragon with Rider Polymer Clay Fantasy Sculpture
It's almost time for all the entries for the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild Medieval Challenge to be unveiled.  This was an absolutely wonderful theme for our creative minds to play with!  I've had a sneak peek at some of the other guild member's pieces and I'm VERY impressed.  I just can't wait to see all the entries!  What I've seen so far is incredible.  You give the Smooshers a Challenge and they rise to it every time!  I really do love the level of group participation within this guild.  We really get to know each other and learn from one another.  It's just so much FUN being a Smoosher! 
Of course I just HAD to create a dragon for this Challenge- it was just a matter of deciding what kind of dragon, and in what situation.  I chose to sculpt a Dragon Rider for this one.  The Rider and his Dragon are bonded for life, and are more friends than pet and master.  Very few people are born Dragon Riders, making their magic special and rare.  I've had this story in my head for years, and I believe I'll create more Dragon Riders in the future.  Eventually I may write the entire story down as well.  This particular dragon has blue belly scales and blue and green scales (each cut out individually) cover his body.  His wings are an iridescent blue green that shimmers beautifully in the light.  His spines, horns and ears were sculpted from glow in the dark clay.  The piece measures 7 1/2 inches tall and 9 inches from toe to tail tip with a 7 1/2 inch wingspan.
OOAK Blue and Green Dragon with Rider Polymer Clay Fantasy Sculpture
OOAK Blue and Green Dragon with Rider Polymer Clay Fantasy Sculpture
Thanks for joining me in my creative adventures!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Featuring Positively Charming Things

Niki, of Positively Charming Things on is another member of the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild.  Like me, she has a real need to work with her hands and create. She also works with many types of crafts and just isn't happy unless she's creating something. Lately she's focusing more on jewelry making and polymer clay. Niki says " For a while I sculpted mostly dragons with polymer clay, but as I tried to steer more toward a "lifelike" look (you know dragons are real, right? ;) ), I found creating those sculpts took quite a bit of time, of which I don't have much of between my full time job, the long commute to and from work, and then home life in general. So I continue to search for something I can create that won't take weeks or months to complete.  About a year ago, I believe, I bought my first Christi Friesen books, after pouring over her site frequently and enjoying looking at her work. I took a couple of her online classes, and I quite like her style. I may offer some pieces heavily influenced by her style, from time to time. I also am interested in creating cutesy beads with polymer clay, but with the CPSIA law bearing down on everyone regarding lead content and pthalates, those might never grace my storefront and will be something I keep for myself, albeit sadly."  I do love her pretty little dragons and am a big fan of Christi Friesen myself.
You can also find Positively Charming Things online at, Facebook, and Twitter. Below is just a sample of her wonderful work.  Be sure to stop in and see all she has to offer!
 Three-eyed polymer clay alien - glow in the darkPolymer clay Blue Bird and antiqued brass and lucite earringsPolymer Clay Gingerbread men beads - dots, set of 2Blue Moon - polymer clay glow in the dark pendantFaux Jade polymer clay birds and flowers jewelry setPink and White Swirly Polymer Clay Heart with Organza Necklace
Such a beautiful variety!  I always look forward to seeing what Niki will create next.  I just love that alien!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

Friday, August 27, 2010

Beautiful Creations from LisianBlue

 Kris of  LisianBlue, on creates absolutely gorgeous hand painted Christmas ornaments, stained glass, pendants, earrings, glassware, and wind chimes.  You'll find a lot of items inspired by her love of birds, animals, plants and flowers.  She says: "My Grandmother taught me how to crochet and knit when I was about 8, and to never stop learning. My mother taught me a love of nature, along with the joy of making presents for our loved ones. My dad taught me to do whatever I do, to do it well. We made a lot of candles, painted many a card, decorated soaps, sewed a variety of items, each item was made for a specific person in mind.

Creating has always been my strongest ability. I made boats during our monsoons to float down the street, my 1st skateboard from my old roller skates, little chairs and tables for my dolls, and thankfully my dad allowed me to use the tools as long as I put them away!
So, I keep learning new things, I still love making things for those I love, and I keep working at whatever I do, until I can do it well, maybe not always perfect."
You can also find LisianBlue online at,, Flickr, and Twitter. Below is just a sample of the beautiful items you can find in her shop.  Be sure to stop in and see all she has to offer!
Butterfly Frolic  Handpainted Collectors OrnamentStained Glass Turquoise Tetrahedron PyramidHandpainted Artistic Vase  HavenStained Glass Hummingbird SuncatcherArt Nouveau Design On Cobalt Blue Stained Glass PendantHandpainted Glass Pendant Pink and White HibiscusGlass Pendant On the Wings of A Butterfly #6Bronze Leaf Hanging Candle Holder
Her work is just so pretty!  I love the natures themes and colors she uses too!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crocheted Little Things creates adorable handmade little things

Crocheted Little Things on offers a vast selection of crochet cupcakes, faux food and spa items.  She finds inspiration in little every day things, such as the necessity of needing a warm garment, or the desire to decorate her house.  Necessity certainly is the mother of invention. Sometime Lu uses patterns, but then tends to go off in her own direction. She uses no patterns at all for her crocheted jewelry. Her mother, a doily maker taught her to crochet when she was about 9, and she's been putting that teaching to good use!  Her many customers just rave about their purchases: "These have gotten me TONS of compliments! Thanks so much for the quick shipping too!", "Love, love, love these scrubbies. They wash up wonderfully and are so soft! Kudos to you Crochetedlittlethings", and "Thanks so much for the washcloths! They are wonderful and the colors are great! They shipped very quickly and I appreciate you sending the tracking number."  You can find Crocheted Little Things online at,, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and IndiePublic. Below are a few of my favorite pieces from her shop, but she's got LOTS to choose from, so be sure to stop in and see all she has to offer!
Crocheted ice cream come key chain - RaspberryCrocheted and beaded cupcake Christmas ornament CHOCOLATE SET OF 4Crocheted Ballet flats woman size - MandalaCrocheted MINI bath and shower puff in multicolored cotton - Crazy FrCrocheted and beaded cupcake ornament PLUM - ONECrocheted cupcake ear muffsCrocheted and beaded necklace in black with golden beads -Michelle of CreativeCritters

Friday, August 20, 2010

Beautiful Beadweaving from beadacious1221ACES520

Sylvia, of Beadacious1221ACES520 on has been beadweaving with seed beads and teaching beadweaving techniques since 1992.   Her work has even been featured in two  books by Theresa Flores Geary: Creative Native American Beading and The Illustrated Bead Bible. She taught herself Bead Crochet and Bead Knitting six years ago and started teaching those techniques at the request of a local bead store. What Sylvia can do with seed beads is just amazing!  She's skilled in bead crocheting with the smallest glass seed beads in intricate designs and combinations of lampwork, wire wrapping as well as other artwork from SRA artists. She does bead knitting with 0000 needles, fine threads, and tiny seed beads.  She's quite skilled in general beadworking  with needle and thread and seed beads or various other glass beads.  Some of Sylvia's very satisfied customers have said "Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Very fast. especially considering the intricate work and details. I'll definitely be back!", "beautiful bracelet, so glad I was able to get it. Thank you so much, fast shipping and I will treasure this piece. Highly recommended Artfire artisan", and "Beautiful emerald green bracelet and very well made. Excellent crochet work, stunning beads, my mother in law will love it! Thanks for the quick, great transaction".  You can follow her blog, check out her pictures on Flickr, and make friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Below is just a sample of some of the lovely beaded items available from this very talented jewelry artist.  Be sure to stop in see everything she has to offer!
 Knit Beaded Rose Bag BroochBead Crochet FAIRIES Necklace Beaded Crochet Rope Belt GREAT AMERICANBead Crochet 18 Inch Necklace MIDNIGHT REFLECTIONSBead Crochet RED N GOLD FIRE Necklace
All I can say is WOW!  Her work is just so intricate and beautiful.  I just love her color combinations too!  
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

Meet Susan of Fantasy Clay

Susan, of Fantasy Clay on is a fellow member of the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild and an absolutely amazing artist.  When it comes to sculpting fantasy pieces she and I often think along the same lines.  Susan has been working with polymer clay for 10 years now and like many of us, her workspace has taken over much  of the house. 
Susan says "I love clay, I let it guide me to where I should be going. I love the small details and adding personality to all I make.I really enjoy just fiddling, even doodling with clay but nothing is so cool when I make a big project that also includes lots of tiny details."  You can definitely see that personality come out in each piece she creates.  Her sculptures always make me smile- they're just so full of character and whimsy. She's always creating new pieces and trying different things too.  She's so inspirational within the guild, and a very active member.  Her blog is always a great read, and I've picked up some great tips for polymer clay from Susan.  You can check out all her great pictures on Flickr, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and check her out on IndiePublic
Below are just a few of my favorite things from her shop, but you really have to browse all her entire shop.  She has so many unique and wonderful creations- you wouldn't want to miss a thing!
Polymer Clay Green Dragon Sculpture with Scales Polymer Clay Griffin Sculpture Lion and Eagle Polymer Clay Smiling Blue Crittter and pet Bird Fiero the Fire Dragon Magnet Sculpture Black Cat Earrings- Polymer Clay Polymer Clay Mermaid and Fish Wallhanging Halloween Teddy with Black Mask and Cape with Orange Pumpkin Romantic  Polymer Clay Stone Gargoygle with a Rose

Amazing work!  And there's plenty more where these wonderful creations came from.  Stop in to Fantasy Clay and see all she has to offer!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters