Monday, August 9, 2010

ArtFire Stimulus Sale- Participating Shops

A big THANK YOU to CCTexan for compiling this handy list of shops participating in the ArtFire Stimulus Sale during the month of August!  Since the temps are in the 90's, now is a great time to shop handmade online and get in on the savings!  I know for many shops, myself included, these are the biggest sales and discounts they've ever offered.  We're trying to bring people in to our shops and move some of our items, and hopefully customers will spend a little time browsing.  I know I've found myself spending quite a bit of time in these shops.  They all have so much to offer!  Just click on the shop name and enjoy some deep discount shopping!
If you ever wanted to try hand made vs the cookie cutter life in the conformist is the time: bright colorful jewelry, doodads jewelry, dog themes, fused glass   crochet, knit , shawls, donate to charity fine art                            jewelry                     jewelry                     jewelry                       clothing                       ornaments                         jewelry ( duh! LOL)                            fabric epherma quilts jewelry             jewelry                        jewelry                supplies/fabric crafts/vintage                  supplies               make up/cosmetics               mixed media art, glass, lampwork                     fine art sculptures                    jewelry            fleece artist,  clothes, accessories        jewelry, hair adornments,purses, clothes               jewelry            fused glass, jewelry, plates                 art jewelry           Jewelry, intense metalist!             lampwork beads, jewelry                        jewelry             feathered Jewelry, fine art                       jewelry                         Jewelry                       jewelry                       Jewelry             jewelry                  glazed paper beads, jewelry           Everything! journals, books, ephemera                knift crafts, keychains, doodads                    j ewelry                     American Indian Jewelry                           Mixed media, jewelry, portuguese artist                jewelry                  wire wrap jewelry  intense  ( singapore style)          beaded cabochons, jewelry etc        bead supplies                      spiritual items, jewelry, bookmarks                      Wire wrap jewelry, bamboo items Singapore artist              Jewelry                      fine art                                  soy candles                jewelry, funky boot bracelets, trends                     cell charms, Neat Polymer beads                          epherma, toys, vintage                                   jewelry                          knit toys, goodies, cards stitchery                                 purses
Get in on the deals before they're gone!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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