Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meet the Bewilderbeast, a rare and unusual creature

I call this creation a Bewilderbeast, and just listed him in CreativeCritters.  My inspiration for this wild fantasy beast was my kitten Calcifer.  I always end up sculpting my pets, but with Calcifer I wanted to capture that wild, exuberant kitten spirit.  I got a flash of inspiration when he was sitting up on his haunches boxing with me one day.  I just saw this wild sculpture in my mind's eye, which became more detailed as I started sculpting.   Calcifer kitten takes a bath

Calcifer kitten takes a bath
Here are a few pictures of my fluffy inspiration.  I'm fairly certain Calcifer is is a Maine Coone Cat, which means he's going to be very big.  For my Bewilderbeast sculpture I wanted to emphasize the large paws and big fluffy tail.  Of course the glow in the dark horns (which are normally invisible) are part of his Fire Demon heritage.  The wings are also important.  If Calcifer could fly he'd be the happiest kitten in the world!  He loves to be up high (and often rides around on my shoulders).  The way he jumps and leaps, it's almost as if he DID have wings (maybe they're invisible too).  I made the claws, teeth, horns, eyes, and some stripes and feathers glow in the dark.  I used powdered pigment over glow in the dark clay, and once you charge him up in bright light he glows for a LONG time.  This piece took well over a week to complete, but was an absolute joy to create.  I even used real cat whiskers, which I collect when my cats shed them naturally.  Standing 7 1/2 inches tall, this fantasy sculpture is most definitely one of a kind!  I even gave him little pink paw pads.  Here are pictures from the listing in CreativeCritters.  You can click on any of the pictures to view the listing and see the full description.  Thanks for stopping by my wild and whimsical world!

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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