Friday, August 27, 2010

Beautiful Creations from LisianBlue

 Kris of  LisianBlue, on creates absolutely gorgeous hand painted Christmas ornaments, stained glass, pendants, earrings, glassware, and wind chimes.  You'll find a lot of items inspired by her love of birds, animals, plants and flowers.  She says: "My Grandmother taught me how to crochet and knit when I was about 8, and to never stop learning. My mother taught me a love of nature, along with the joy of making presents for our loved ones. My dad taught me to do whatever I do, to do it well. We made a lot of candles, painted many a card, decorated soaps, sewed a variety of items, each item was made for a specific person in mind.

Creating has always been my strongest ability. I made boats during our monsoons to float down the street, my 1st skateboard from my old roller skates, little chairs and tables for my dolls, and thankfully my dad allowed me to use the tools as long as I put them away!
So, I keep learning new things, I still love making things for those I love, and I keep working at whatever I do, until I can do it well, maybe not always perfect."
You can also find LisianBlue online at,, Flickr, and Twitter. Below is just a sample of the beautiful items you can find in her shop.  Be sure to stop in and see all she has to offer!
Butterfly Frolic  Handpainted Collectors OrnamentStained Glass Turquoise Tetrahedron PyramidHandpainted Artistic Vase  HavenStained Glass Hummingbird SuncatcherArt Nouveau Design On Cobalt Blue Stained Glass PendantHandpainted Glass Pendant Pink and White HibiscusGlass Pendant On the Wings of A Butterfly #6Bronze Leaf Hanging Candle Holder
Her work is just so pretty!  I love the natures themes and colors she uses too!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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  1. These are positively gorgeous works of art! Here are wind chimes that are pretty too! They're great for gardens and outdoor spaces!