Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rose Of Sharon on ArtFire.com creates beautiful, unique jewelry

Rose of Sharon opened on Artfire.com 2 -27-09.  She creates wonderfully unique Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Pendants, and Bookmarks.

Her biography reads: "First off, I love the Lord with everything I am, and He is the One who has inspired these works of art! All glory is His, I'm just the hands that put it all together (;
As for me, I am a 27 yr old female who loves to enjoy life! If you know me, you'll be sure to see me laugh till I cry, burst out into random song and dance, and frequently trip over flat surfaces (; I think that life is taken too seriously and I want to enjoy it while I got it!
I am a lover of people and culture, music, books, nature, 4x4ing, surfing and snowboarding, dancing on the freeway when you're stuck in a snowstorm and traffic hasn't moved for hours...I love to laugh, dance and enjoy what I've been given!
'I asked for all things that I may enjoy life, I was given life that I may enjoy all things.'."

Rose of Sharon can also be found on MySpace and Facebook.  Below is a sample of some of the lovely items available from this very talented artist.  Be sure to stop in and see all she has to offer!

Sterling silver dangle earringsBlue and copper bracelet4pc. jewelry set, black and light purpleWhirlwind Earrings

Pink & Blue glass BraceletTiger Iron & Crystal NecklaceCopper bull bookmarkPink, Crystal EarringsCopper and green stone necklace

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

Sunday, September 27, 2009

HarmonArt- Delightful Handcrafted Gourds, Ceramic, and Jewelry

Wonderful creations can be found at HarmonArt on ArtFire.com, which offers some very beautiful ceramic pieces, jewelry, and absolutely amazing gourds.  Their biography reads: "HarmonArt is the work of husband/wife team, Brian and Emily Harmon.
Brian is an art teacher and enjoys creating art in his spare time from school. Brian has a BA in studio art education and an MA in studio art photography. Besides his earthenware works, Brian also creates and shows photographs, emulsion transfers, jewelry and drawings.
Emily grew up on a farm with a father who enjoyed growing a variety of gourds. As a result, her family was often left with an abundance of dried gourds with which nothing to do. That's when inspiration struck. Emily began painting gourds as a child and has since developed her own style fluently combining organic forms and geometric motifs. Currently, Emily grows and works on all sizes and shapes of gourds creating unique and beautiful works of art."

I really love all the work in this shop.  It's beautiful, unique, and really just amazing.  Their pieces are just perfect for Fall.  I love the rich colors, intricate designs, and glossy glazes.  If you like Fall, you really need to stop by this shop!  Some of their customers have said "Fabulous seller! The gourdaments are gorgeous! Thank you so much. It was a pleasure buying from you!", "Thank you, HarmonArt! I am a completely satisfied customer. Your creation, so stunning on my computer screen, is ever more enchanting and lovely in my life. I love it!", "My Golden Gourd arrived safe and sound so thank you for the care you took with packing it. It is just beautiful. I admire your studio and think your items are all outstanding. Thank you again for sharing your talents.", "I am so thrilled with these 2 pieces! Your ceramic basket with a handle AND your LEAVES!!!! You've made my day! Thank you so much for the gordament!! It too is lovely!", and "WOW! I opened the box and all I could say was WOW! You guys are super talented, and I am SO glad I finally got to buy from your shop. I WILL be back for more! Your art is exquisite!"  Obviously they know how to create high quality pieces that make people say "WOW!"  HarmonArt can also be found at http://harmonart.home.insightbb.com/..., and http://www.facebook.com/HarmonArt....

Below is only a very small sample of what can be found in this shop.  Stop by to see all they have to offer!

Earthenware Ceramic Sweet Gum Leaf Bowl - lavender grayCeramic Maple Leaf Pendant Necklace - yellowHANDBUILT EARTHENWARE CERAMIC LEAF BOWL -- MOSS GREENCERAMIC PENDANT NECKLACE WITH PARSLEY LEAF IMPRINT - GREENHANDBUILT EARTHENWARE CERAMIC WALL POCKETGourdament, Unique Christmas Ornament from Spinner Gourd CERAMIC MAPLE LEAF WALL PLAQUE - deep blueEARTHENWARE CERAMIC WALL POCKET Mottled Burgundy PurpleRound Fall Leaf Gourd Black Background

So many beautiful pieces!!

-Michelle of CreativeCritters




Friday, September 25, 2009

Gayle of ArtisanGoodsByGayle needs our help

Gayle, of ArtisanGoodsByGayle is a wonderful person and a very talented artist who could really use some help right now.  She's just recently become homeless.  She needs some sales now more than ever.  If I could, I'd buy everything in her shop.  I did buy some gorgeous kitty cat earrings, and I can tell you, her work is of the highest quality.  She has a huge variety of items to choose from, and I'm sure there's something there for everybody's taste.  Her studio categories include Art-Photos, Art-Dolls, Purses-Cases, Jewelry-Bracelets, Jewelry-Necklaces, Jewelry-Earrings, Jewelry-Rings, Jewelry-Sets, Art-Pillows, Other-Art-Work, Art-Cards, Vintage-and other destash, Supplies, and Artfire Stimulus Deals.

Artisan Biography: "Long time artist with various mediums...still shoot mostly film with my Nikon SLR...self-taught photog beginning with a manual Mamiya shooting only b/w during the 1970s....had a small local photo biz which suffered due to the current economy and decided to come here....many of my photos listed for sale have won awards and continue to be chosen by fine art collectors
Returned to creating jewelry about 4 yrs. ago and began selling it in 2007....all are one of a kind (OOAK) handmade by me....
Born in Oklahoma,raised in the deep South and have resided in WA state for about 3 decades now...have one grown son who is also artistic and has exhibited in Seattle shows and galleries...also have a fur faced companion named Rivvie pup....she is 8 yrs. young and keeps me sane...
My inspiration comes from all that I am exposed to be it cultures,nature,poetry,films,atmosphere,whimsy,color,heritage,shape and textures. My work conveys my delight in simple pleasures and a passion for life.
Customer satisfaction is important to me and I welcome your feedback.
*If you have bits n' pieces of jewelry from which you would like for me to create a new piece in combination with my own supplies,please contact me with your color preferences and style..include maximum price,too
Thanks and enjoy!
*My female pitoodle,Rivvie pup,sends a shout out to ya!"

Here is a sample of the wonderful items in this shop.  Just click on the picture to go directly to the listing.

Photo Fine Art Rare Sun Rustic Fence 9x12 SilhouetteKnitted Freeform OOAK Apple Purse Ipod Cell CaseNecklace OOAK Gemstone multi strand Modern Native Handmade ArtisanNecklace OOAK Gemstone Leather Chain TurquoisePhoto Fine Art Silhouette Sunset Landscape Professional PhotographyEarrings OOAK Gemstones Glass Metal Handmade ArtisanArt Doll Native Soft Sculpture OOAK CollectibleArt Doll Cat Face Soft Sculpture OOAK Mix MediaPhoto Sunrise Waterscape Silhouette 11x14Photo Fine Art 11x14 Sunrise Landscape Waterscape Scenic Seattle

Those photos are just so beautiful.  She's obviously a very talented photographer, and the art dolls, and jewelry are unique and gorgeous.  Please, stop by and see all the wonderful items in this shop, and pick up a few before you leave.  Gayle really needs our help right now.

-Michelle of CreativeCritters



Update on my brother in law, Jerry

For those of you who didn't read my earlier post about Jerry, he recently was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had his thyroid remove. He went to the doctor today to get the lab results and see if it had spread. Thank God it hadn't. I had a hard time waiting for Mom to call, but when she did, it was very good news. Jerry is now cancer free- they got it all. He will have to undergo some treatments (don't know exactly what just yet), just as a precaution. I can't even tell you how happy we were to hear that he was going to be OK. The poor guy deserves a break already! For more than a year he's had doctor appointments every week, often several in one week. It's taken a toll on my mother in law (Mom) as well. Last week she went to the emergency room thinking she had a heart attack- pain in her chest, numbness in her left arm. It turned out to be a panic attack, which really isn't surprising considering all the stress she's been under lately. She's another woman who puts everyone else's needs ahead of her own. She takes care of Jerry, Dad, and her father in law, all of which is a full time job and then some. She also remembers to send cards to my Gramma at least a few times a month. Those kind little gestures mean so very much. I told her she's got to start taking care of herself too. I couldn't stand the thought of losing Mom. She's treated me like family since before we were married. We've had many long pleasant talks, in person and on the phone. She's the most non-judgemental person I've ever met. I certainly got lucky when I inherited her, Jerry, Dad, and the rest of the family as in laws.

Sweet Whimsy on ArtFire.com

Jan opened SweetWhimsy on ArtFire.com 3-15-09.  This fun shop offers pendants, necklaces, clipboards, frames, and boxes.  Her Studio Announcement reads: "I've been a crafter all my life but put crafting on hiatus since having children. Now I'm back and even involve my 6 year old in creating and choosing colors for my designs.
My items are fun and whimsical and I hope they bring a smile to your life. I do custom orders also, so feel free to request something unique and special, just for you!"

Artisan Biography: "I'm Jan and I'm a mom to 2 wonderful children, ages 6 and 3. I've been married for almost 15 years and we have 3 purring children too.
I love art and hand made jewelry! I frequent art shows as often as possible and am so excited to have joined the crafting world of sales!"

You can visit SweetWhimsey's website at http://sweetwhimsy.goods.officelive.com/default.aspx, read her blog at http://janskidtoys.blogspot.com/, or follow her on Twitter.  Below is just a sample of what can be found in SweetWhimsey.  Be sure to stop in and see all she has to offer!

Going SpottyClassic Beanie frameViolets are Blue pendantFlirty Flamingo pendantAltered wood pendantTurqoise abstract flowerPalm pendantAltered wood pendantBlue Paisley pendant

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gorgeous Handcrafted Jewelry from Maggie McMane Designs

MaggieMcManeDesigns opened on Artfire.com 1-1-09.  She offers lovely handcrafted jewelry using her own designs from natural stones, lovely metals, and a variety of cords.Her studio announcement reads: "I now ship via US First Class mail for US $2.50 & Priority Mail for US $4.80. All jewelry will arrive boxed and gift wrapped. That's perfect if you are giving something as a gift or just a fabulous treat for yourself. Come on! You know you deserve it!! The jewelry you choose, the pieces you love, are merely reflections of your soul. They are what you choose to show the world. They are your personality, your mood, or your beliefs. They hold your secrets or a memory you aren't terribly interested in sharing.
The bold, shimmering gemstone briolettes dangling from your ears, the colorfully, patterned bracelet that darts to and from your cuff, the simple cross or medal hidden under your blouse, the cluster, chain necklace perched above your breast, they all say you ... the different reflections of you.
They are all here at Maggie McMane Designs.
When in doubt, check it out. My feedback on EBay is over 740 and on Etsy is over 140. I've been on EBay for years, but I just hit my one year anniversary on Etsy. Let me know if you have any questions."

Some of her customers have said, "You rock! I love all my pretty pieces and the quality of the stones are fab!" and "I LOVE THEM!!!!!! THEY CAME TODAY!!!!!!!!
A MILLION THANK YOUS!!"  Maggie can also be found on http://maggiemcmanejewelrydesigns.blogspot.com/, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.  Below is a sample of some of the beautiful jewelry offered in her shop.

Pink Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Cross BraceletBlue Pearl Black OnyxChunky Beaded Bracelet by maggie mcmane designsMystic Smoky Quartz !4k Gold Filled Necklace by Maggie McMane DesignsSnowman Earrings by Maggie McMane DesignsBlue Lapis Sterling Silver Rosary Neckace by Maggie McMane DesignsPurple Mountain Jade Sterling Silver Earrings by Maggie McMane DesignsGreen Flower Dangle Earrings by maggie mcmane designsLarimar Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace By Maggie McMane Designs

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aquariann- the Fantasy Art of Kristin Cornell

First thing i have to say is I LOVE THIS SHOP!  Aquariann opened on ArtFire.com 11-19-08.  Her shop is full of the most amazing artwork found in the form of buttons, bookmarks, magnets, notecards, prints, originals, and ornaments. She's even having a sale right now, in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Everything is 19% off til Monday, just use Coupon Code TALKLIKEPIRATEDAYSEPT19 when checking out!  Better hurry and take advantage of this great offer!

Artisan Biography for Aquariann:

Kristin lives near the sea, and has rarely been too far from its glittering waters. She was born in California at some ungodly hour in the morning on February 8th, 1982 - which makes her an Aquarius completely and utterly. Her parents moved several times before she was old enough to really remember - they just kept traveling east until they ran into the ocean again. She has been living on the east coast ever since. Although she grew up in Bethany Beach, Delaware, she attended Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, and currently resides in Milton, Delaware.

Even though she majored in graphic design which principles certainly contribute to her art, she's a mostly self-taught artist. Messy mediums such as paint and charcoal have never been very nice to her, but the smooth glide of colored pencils is magic.

Some of her customers have said "Gorgeous bookmarks!! Her artwork is fabulous!! I will be back!", and "Just cannot say enough about this artist, such beautiful amazing work.....fast ship, wonderful AF seller, own a piece of her artwork to cherish for years to come!!!" Aquariann can also be found at http://aquariann.com, http://aquariann.livejournal.com, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and IndiePublic.   And below is just a sample of this very talented artist's work (Personally, I want them all!!)

A Comfort and a Darkness . fantasy art magnetTrick or Treat . Halloween witch art magnetAshley . fairy art magnetWinter . fantasy fairy art magnet

Damsel . dragon maiden art magnetAware . breast cancer awareness fairy art 8x10 printTina . dark fairy art magnetTreasure . 5x7 mermaid art printPeridot . dragon fantasy art ornament

-Michelle of CreativeCritters