Friday, September 25, 2009

Update on my brother in law, Jerry

For those of you who didn't read my earlier post about Jerry, he recently was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had his thyroid remove. He went to the doctor today to get the lab results and see if it had spread. Thank God it hadn't. I had a hard time waiting for Mom to call, but when she did, it was very good news. Jerry is now cancer free- they got it all. He will have to undergo some treatments (don't know exactly what just yet), just as a precaution. I can't even tell you how happy we were to hear that he was going to be OK. The poor guy deserves a break already! For more than a year he's had doctor appointments every week, often several in one week. It's taken a toll on my mother in law (Mom) as well. Last week she went to the emergency room thinking she had a heart attack- pain in her chest, numbness in her left arm. It turned out to be a panic attack, which really isn't surprising considering all the stress she's been under lately. She's another woman who puts everyone else's needs ahead of her own. She takes care of Jerry, Dad, and her father in law, all of which is a full time job and then some. She also remembers to send cards to my Gramma at least a few times a month. Those kind little gestures mean so very much. I told her she's got to start taking care of herself too. I couldn't stand the thought of losing Mom. She's treated me like family since before we were married. We've had many long pleasant talks, in person and on the phone. She's the most non-judgemental person I've ever met. I certainly got lucky when I inherited her, Jerry, Dad, and the rest of the family as in laws.

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  1. Wonderful news to hear Jerry is cancer free!
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