Thursday, September 3, 2009

Look what I made for my brother in law!

I just finished a gift for my brother in law Jerry.  Jerry is a great guy and can make anybody laugh.  A few days ago we found out he has thyroid cancer.  We all took it pretty hard at first, except for Jerry.  His feeling is that he just wants to do what has to be done and get it over with.  His spirits have remained high, and he just keeps on laughing and joking like always.  After a long talk with my mother and some research we found out that this is a very survivable cancer.  I think he should be OK.  He and my mother and father in law live in Tennessee, while my husband and I live in Ohio.  I take care of my grandmother, and am unable to leave her for any length of time.  If he can, my husband will try to go "down home" and spend some time with his family.  Since I have to stay home, I thought I would send a gift to Jerry, just to let him know that I have been thinking of him.  Jerry loves Halloween, and animals, nature, and many other things.  He also burns candles on a regular basis, so I came up with this candle holder.  My husband had found black metal Jack O Lantern candle holders in the garbage some time ago.  I thought it would be fun to cover the cut out face with glow in the dark polymer clay, then add glow in the dark polymer clay flames up the sides.  I put black cats in the center of each flame.  This came out even better than I hoped.  Amazingly, I was even able to get a decent picture of the glow in the dark pieces with the lights off.  Once you charge it up in bright light for a few minutes, this thing really glows brightly.  I think Jerry will really like it.  I have made him glowing skeletons and ghosts before, and he always enjoyed them.  Here are the pictures I took.

jerrys jack o lantern7jerrys jack o lanternjerrys jack o lantern5Pretty cool, huh?

-Michelle of CreativeCritters


  1. That is REALLY cool! love the glow in the dark!

  2. Nice job, I am sure your brother in law will love it. It sounds like he is a pretty positive guy and I truly believe that is the first step in overcoming anything in life.