Sunday, September 27, 2009

HarmonArt- Delightful Handcrafted Gourds, Ceramic, and Jewelry

Wonderful creations can be found at HarmonArt on, which offers some very beautiful ceramic pieces, jewelry, and absolutely amazing gourds.  Their biography reads: "HarmonArt is the work of husband/wife team, Brian and Emily Harmon.
Brian is an art teacher and enjoys creating art in his spare time from school. Brian has a BA in studio art education and an MA in studio art photography. Besides his earthenware works, Brian also creates and shows photographs, emulsion transfers, jewelry and drawings.
Emily grew up on a farm with a father who enjoyed growing a variety of gourds. As a result, her family was often left with an abundance of dried gourds with which nothing to do. That's when inspiration struck. Emily began painting gourds as a child and has since developed her own style fluently combining organic forms and geometric motifs. Currently, Emily grows and works on all sizes and shapes of gourds creating unique and beautiful works of art."

I really love all the work in this shop.  It's beautiful, unique, and really just amazing.  Their pieces are just perfect for Fall.  I love the rich colors, intricate designs, and glossy glazes.  If you like Fall, you really need to stop by this shop!  Some of their customers have said "Fabulous seller! The gourdaments are gorgeous! Thank you so much. It was a pleasure buying from you!", "Thank you, HarmonArt! I am a completely satisfied customer. Your creation, so stunning on my computer screen, is ever more enchanting and lovely in my life. I love it!", "My Golden Gourd arrived safe and sound so thank you for the care you took with packing it. It is just beautiful. I admire your studio and think your items are all outstanding. Thank you again for sharing your talents.", "I am so thrilled with these 2 pieces! Your ceramic basket with a handle AND your LEAVES!!!! You've made my day! Thank you so much for the gordament!! It too is lovely!", and "WOW! I opened the box and all I could say was WOW! You guys are super talented, and I am SO glad I finally got to buy from your shop. I WILL be back for more! Your art is exquisite!"  Obviously they know how to create high quality pieces that make people say "WOW!"  HarmonArt can also be found at, and

Below is only a very small sample of what can be found in this shop.  Stop by to see all they have to offer!

Earthenware Ceramic Sweet Gum Leaf Bowl - lavender grayCeramic Maple Leaf Pendant Necklace - yellowHANDBUILT EARTHENWARE CERAMIC LEAF BOWL -- MOSS GREENCERAMIC PENDANT NECKLACE WITH PARSLEY LEAF IMPRINT - GREENHANDBUILT EARTHENWARE CERAMIC WALL POCKETGourdament, Unique Christmas Ornament from Spinner Gourd CERAMIC MAPLE LEAF WALL PLAQUE - deep blueEARTHENWARE CERAMIC WALL POCKET Mottled Burgundy PurpleRound Fall Leaf Gourd Black Background

So many beautiful pieces!!

-Michelle of CreativeCritters





  1. Ooh! So pretty! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Love Harmon Art. The beauty of fall is so wonderfully expressed in their designs.
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