Thursday, September 17, 2009

CherilynnFineArt offers beautiful watercolor paintings

CherilynnFineArt , of Chicago, Illinois, opened on ArtFire 3-14-09.  She says "I have been painting in watercolor for almost fifteen years and love the process. I enjoy the fluidity and spontaneous qualities of watercolor and the contrast of control within the medium. My subject matters have changed over the years but for the past five years, I have settled into painting animals. I enjoy spending the time exploring their characters.

I studied painting and photography at Milwaukee Insitute of Art and Design."  I really enjoy all of her animal paintings.  She really captures their personalities, and the unique qualities of each animal.  She's also won a wide variety of awards for her artwork.  You can find her online at,,, and

Below is a sample of her wonderful artwork.  Wouldn't you just love her to paint your pet's portrait?

Grey Rabbit, Original Watercolor with pen and inkTerrier Dog Original Watercolor with pen and inkLion Original watercolor with pen and inkKorat Cat, Original watercolor with pen and inkPurple Iris, Blank Card, Photographic Reproduction of watercolorRed Panda, Original watercolor Sketch with pen and inkPink Tulip, Original watercolor with pen and ink

Just beautiful!

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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