Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Glow in the Dark Lighted Pumpkin House from CreativeCritters

I am just so excited about this piece!  This is the first house with a light that I've sculpted.  This is a total "WOW" piece for me. I saw a project in a clay magazine that was similar, and I just ran with it. Of course I had to keep making it bigger, better, and more detailed. Each of the flowers and leaves was individually sculpted. I just love the little fairy with her pet "cat"erpillar, and the snail turned out better than I could have hoped. With all the different glow in the dark elements on this piece, it's truly stunning in the dark. Just charge it up in bright light for several minutes, then turn off all the lights to enjoy the full effect. When you plug the light in it looks just beautiful glowing through the crackle glass windows. This one of a kind decoration will make people stop and take a long close look!

This amazingly detailed pumpkin house was sculpted by hand in polymer clay and has a light inside the house which can be plugged in and glows beautifully through the crackle glass windows. The base measures 8" long and 7" wide. The pumpkin house measures 4" tall. To create the house I covered a crackle glass votive with polymer clay, adding windows with frames, a stem, leaves, and vines. The light is a UL listed pumpkin light with a 2 foot cord. A spare fuse is included in the plug. The front door of the house is textured with a wood grain design and has a blue framed window in the center. The frame of the door was stamped and dusted with Pearl Ex powder. A cobblestone walkway leads to the steps. Two large flowers on bendable floral wire stems flank the front door and act as porch lights as they glow in the dark. The star shaped flowers at the base also glow in the dark. The small flowers flanking the walkway are a mix of red, yellow, and glow in the dark. The fairy who lives in this pumpkin house sits on a smaller pumpkin and pets her caterpillar, which has textured blue fur, glow in the dark stripes and eyes, and a cat-like face. The fairy also has glow in the dark wings (she's a distant relative of the firefly). Her friend Snail has stopped by for a visit as well. I dusted his marbled blue body with Pearl Ex powder before glazing him. His shimmering golden eyes were painted with acrylic paint. His shell is a mix of gold and green clays marbled together and layered with glow in the dark clay. The flowers behind the snail resemble Chrysanthemums and come in orange, red, yellow, and glow in the dark. At the opposite side of the house is a low stone wall with flowers in shades of pink and purple. Three ladybugs wander around the top and back of the pumpkin and leaves are scattered all about the ground. To see this sculpture glow is just amazing, and my picture really can't capture that effect very well. When the light is plugged in the house looks just beautiful. The light can be removed or replaced if desired. I've covered the bottom of the sculpture in felt, which I've signed and dated.

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Lighted Glow in the Dark Pumpkin House sculpture

-Michelle of CreativeCritters



  1. You have done such a fantastic job on your pieces! Such a talent :)

  2. You made this? It's so stinkin' cute I can't stand it. Great job!