Friday, September 7, 2012

Calcifer cuddles

This is a very special video.  It allows me to share the unique bonding time between Calcifer and me.  Ever since I adopted him as a tiny fluffball of a kitten he's burrowed in my hair and cuddled with me like this.  Calcifer and I have an extraordinary relationship- we each fill a deep need for the other.  I've been through a lot with this cat, and he's always been there for me, filled with love.  Normally no one would ever get to see him cuddling with me like this.  He only does it when we're alone and it's a private thing just between us.  This is also the only time he purrs, as though his purrs are a special gift just for me.  Calcifer's love and cuddles helped me cope with the loss of my Ozzy cat, get through the last difficult months of Gramma's life, her death, my messed up marriage, and much more.  We helped each other get through the loss of Cedric kitty, who was like a big brother to Calcifer.  And together with Ginko we've adjusted to a whole new life here in Arizona.  I was afraid that Calcifer might stop cuddling with me after we moved, but that was a needless fear.  We cuddle at least once a day, 10 or 15 minutes at a time.  We both sort of get lost in the moment and afterwards feel calm, relaxed, and refreshed.  Even Ginko seems to get some peripheral effects just from watching us.  He can't quite figure out the whole cuddling thing, although he's quite affectionate in his own way.  He just sits nearby and watches us cuddle.  Afterwards I make sure to pet Ginko and give him plenty of loving too.  I'm truly blessed to have such sweet and loving cats! 

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