Monday, October 10, 2011

A testament to the strength of polymer clay

I just had to share this story my mom told me about a horse sculpture I gave her for Christmas a few years ago.  She keeps the sculpture on the window sill by her bed.  She says the weather was beautiful the other night:, windy, but cool (which is very welcome weather in Arizona!) so she had the window open to catch the breeze.

When she got up the next morning morning she looked on the window sill and noticed the sculpture wasn't there.  She thought maybe the wind had blown it off the sill so she started looking on the floor for it.  She moved all sorts of stuff, even the bed but still couldn't find the horse.  Now she's really puzzled and can't figure out where the sculpture could possibly be.  Then her neighbor comes knocking on her door.  He's holding the horse and asks if it was hers.  Apparently the wind had loosened the screen, blew the horse out the window, past Mother's front door, past her front window and lodged the sculpture in her neighbor's  doorway!  The really surprising thing was that it wasn't scratched, chipped or harmed in any way.  Now THAT is a testament to the strength of polymer clay!  Mother says she thinks the horse just wanted to experience life a little- LOL.  She was amazed that it had survived it's little adventure without the least bit of damage, and very thankful it found it's way back home.
I knew polymer clay was strong (I've dropped my fair share of sculptures without breaking them), but I had no idea a sculpture could survive an adventure like that!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters 
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