Saturday, October 15, 2011

Whimsical Fantasy Snail Sculptures from CreativeCritters

Recently I was sorting through my stash of crafty things I've saved over the years and came across my collection of sea shells.  Looking at the shells I had a flash of inspiration and saw them becoming colorful fantasy snails, complete with snail riders like dwarfs and fairies.  The first thing I did (after thoroughly cleaning the shells) was to paint them with brightly colored metallic paints.  I altered their shape slightly with addition of some polymer clay, which I painted to match the rest of the shell.  Even I can't tell where the shell ends and the polymer clay begins.  I added some fun stripes and swirls, then began sculpting the body and head.  Since these are fantasy creatures, anything goes.  For this snail I used blue glass beads for eyes and gave him spiky lashes.  He's got a cute smile on his face and his little tongue is poking out just a bit.

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