Thursday, May 31, 2012

Inventory reduction moving sale at CreativeCritters

Within a few months I'll be moving and I've been slowly but surely packing things away and preparing to move.  I think I've thrown out about 3 tons of garbage over the last couple months!  It is amazing how things can accumulate over the years.  One thing I'm not looking forward to is packing up all my sculptures, dolls, jewelry, and home decor I have for sale at CreativeCritters.  There's just so much of it (over 400 items)!  So I decided to have an inventory reduction sale.  The less I have to pack and move, the better!  I'm offering 50% off all items in six different categories:
Sale Half Off miscellaneous items
Sale Christmas/ Winter
Sale Pen Sculptures
Sale Animal Sculptures
Sale Cloth Dolls
Sale Plush WoW Characters
These are the lowest prices I've ever offered on these items!  You can find whimsical handmade items like this plush Murloc with sound.
OOAK Plush Green and Gray World of Warcraft Murloc Doll with Sound 
Or a sweet handcrafted cloth doll you little girl will cherish.
You can even find wild (or maybe not so wild) cheetahs roaming the pages of my shop ;-)
Cute Whimsical Handmade Polymer Clay Cheetah sculpture 
There's also a wide variety of fun pens on sale too.
Handmade Polymer Clay Cute Black and White Cat Pen Sculpture 
You can even get a little early Christmas shopping done!
Handmade Skiing Polar Bear wearing Blue Knit Hat Christmas Ornament 
You can even find mythical beasties like this adorable Griffon on sale ;-)
Handmade Polymer Clay Mythological Fantasy Griffin Sculpture 
So come on over to CreativeCritters and browse the numerous items on sale.  I'd much rather sell them than have to move them! ;-)
Thanks for stopping by!

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