Monday, May 18, 2009

Finally listed Scorch the Rockin' Dragon

This is Scorch the Rockin' Dragon, a sculpture I completed some time ago, but just listed on This is my biggest sculpture so far- 14" tall and 18 1/2" long. It took over a month to complete him. The whole thing started when my husband brought back a poster from the guitar store and said, "wouldn't it be cool if you made this dragon playing a guitar?". I must admit, Scorch is really cool, but he took a LOT of work. Each scale has 2 layers- one black, one shimmering red, and each scale was cut out individually by hand. There are literally thousands of scales. I found some really cool shimmering red beads for eyes and gave him a beard, head fringe, and tail fringe by sandwiching black clay between sheets of bright green clay. His yellow underbelly and chest plated were made with yellow clay outlined in black. He uses his long yellow claws to play his polymer clay wood grain guitar. I used beading wire for the strings and modelled it after one of my husband's guitars. Under one hind foot is a silver stomp box, also modelled after my husband's gear. His other foot is propped up on a black amp made from plaster with a screen framed in wood on the front (to look like the speaker). I mounted the sculpture on a heavy wooden base and signed and dated the bottom of the base. It took me a while to list this guy because I'm pretty attached to him. I'd be really happy if someone bought him though, because I'm sure they'd give him a good home. This sculpture represents many hours of hard work and trying new things. I tried sculpting the guitar several times before I was satisfied with the result. It helped having a real guitar as a model. And Scorch is a one of a kind creation, of course, as is most of my work. If you'd like to see more pictures of Scorch you can click on his picture or visit CreativeCritters on Artfire. I also have several other (smaller) dragons listed, as well as my line of dragon necklaces. Thanks for stopping by!

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