Saturday, November 13, 2010


Romance can mean many things to many people.  Your partner giving you flowers for no reason is romantic, as is a candle light dinner for two.  And sometimes even mundane little things can be romantic.  Your husband washing the dishes without having to be asked, or making dinner when you're swamped with work.  Sometimes a certain look in his eyes can be incredibly romantic.  I've been reading a lot of Katie MacAlister lately, and her books fall into the Paranormal Romance category.  Yes, vampires and other such beings can be very romantic, especially the ones populating these books!  I love her idea of a Beloved for vampires.  A Beloved is the one true love, the one that vampire was meant to be with for all eternity.  Of course there are tests to be passed before one can become a Beloved, and it's not an easy path, but in the end it's always worth it.  And the bond that is formed is unbreakable.  The vampire literally cannot live without his Beloved: hers is the only blood he can drink.  With many of her characters, the vampire and his Beloved can read each each others minds and share each others feelings.  Katie MacAlister does Romance right, at least in my opinion!
And the Polymer Clay Smooshers do Romance right as well.
This Sunset Heart pendant from Two Good Claymates is certainly romantic!

Sunset Heart Brooch-Pendant in One 
This can be worn as a pendant or a brooch, making it versatile as well as beautiful.  I love the colors and the textures, and the entire "feel" of the piece.
 I've always found the moon romantic.  I once had a boyfriend who'd take walks at night on the beach with me.  There's just something magical about the night and the moon.  That's why I chose to share this Crescent Moon pendant from ArtsyClay.
Crescent Moon Pendant - black and white 
This is just beautifully done.  It's simple, yet elegant.
I recently saw some of Sassy Clay Creations Goddesses, and I immediately loved them.  This one is especially romantic.  The pale colors and flowers add a very feminine feel to this Goddess.Blue Goddess with Flowers 
This shimmering one of a kind wall hanging is a gorgeous display of Romance!
And then there's the old fashion love note- what could be more romantic?  After all these years, Gramma still had some of the love letters Grampa had written her during the war.  This Clear Stamp from Tonya's Treasures makes me think of hand written love letters.
Clear Stamp Old Italian Script Polymer clay PMC Texture
The stamp is Old Italian Script- the language of love itself!
So that's my take on Romance.  There are plenty of examples of romantic pieces in the shops of the Polymer Clay Smooshers, so take a peek and see what you can find!

-Michelle of CreativeCritters


  1. Oh, I love all things paranormal and if you're going to throw some romance in, that's all the better! and what wonderful polymer clay creations from the polymer clay smooshers!