Saturday, November 19, 2011

Check out my new Christmas/ Winter category!

Recently I added a new Christmas/ Winter category to CreativeCritters and filled it with cute handmade dolls and stuffed animals, whimsical jewelry, unique ornaments, warm knit hats and scarves, holiday sculptures, and home decor that looks great all winter long.  This is where you can find all my Christmas themed items in one spot.
Kirsten here is one of my favorite dolls.  I was inspired to create her when  I found just a little bit of green fabric with teddy bears dancing all over it.  I imagined the sweet doll that would wear this cute teddy bear dress and created Kirsten.  As with all my dolls, Kirsten is a one of a kind creation.

I've also got several adorable and unique pins available.  Many of these pins were inspired by an aunt with a great sense of humor.  She always wore fun pins and I started making unique pins for her as Christmas gifts.  I had so much fun making different whimsical pins, I had to start adding them to my shop!
Handmade Polymer Clay Jingle Penguin Pin with Red and Green Bells
And of course I've got to have handmade Christmas ornaments!  Some are sculptural, like this Singing Cat, wearing a hand knit hat and scarf

Handmade Singing Cat  Wearing Knit Scarf and Hat Christmas Ornament
and others incorporate glass and polymer clay beads like this set.
Set of Three Red Purple and Gold  Handmade Beaded Christmas Ornaments
And I've always got sculptures! 
This is just a small example of what you'll find in my Christmas/ Winter category- there's plenty more where these came from!  Better yet, until November 30th you can get 25% off your order when you use coupon code HandmadeHoliday!  So stop on by and save on unique and delightful handmade gifts for Christmas!
~Michelle of CreativeCritters
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