Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My new kitten

Well I finally got a kitten!  I've been wanting to adopt a kitten for some time now.  Since Cedric passed away Calcifer has been very lonely, and the house just hasn't been the same without two cats running around.  So I went up to PetSmart last weekend where they had the local shelters offering cats and kittens for adoption.  Of course I saw lots of adorable kitties, but this little gray and white cutie really caught my eye.

We named him Ginko, after Ginko, the Mushi Master in the Japanese anime show, Mushi- Shi.  At first he was pretty shy and skittish, but this is a very loving, cat friendly household.  It didn't take Ginko long to realize that no one in this house was going to hurt him.  This new kitten was a Christmas/ birthday present for Calcifer, and he certainly seems to approve!  From the moment we brought the kitten home Calcifer has been keeping a watchful eye on him.  I think he likes being a big brother, and he's so gentle and careful when they play.
Of course being a kitten, he's curious about everything and has thoroughly investigated every room in the house, including my craft room.  I made sure to kitten proof the place, because I know they like to get into everything!  Calcifer is only two years old, so it hasn't been  too long since a kitten was roaming the house.  I still have to watch him when I'm sculpting to make sure he doesn't steal my tools!
I think Ginko's taking inventory here ;-)
Of course I have plenty of toys that the cats CAN play with.  Ginko has thrashed on all of them already- LOL!  The first thing he found, within an hour of being in the house, was Calcifer's catnip sack.  Ginko definitely likes catnip- he wrestled with that thing for about 20 minutes!  Luckily Calcifer doesn't seem to mind sharing his catnip toys, pipe cleaners, and various balls with his little brother. 
And the best gift for me?  Seeing the two of them like this.
It didn't take Ginko long at all to warm up to his big brother.  And how could anyone not love a creature as sweet as Calcifer?  Ginko has a very healthy appetite (look how big he is at only 3 1/2  months old!), loves to play (with both Calcifer and me), and purrs like a motorboat when I pet him.  And he does love getting petted!  He stretches out as long as he can so I'll be sure to get every spot- LOL.  He's still learning his boundaries (couches, chairs, and the bed are OK, dressers and tables aren't), but I can tell that he's smart, and it won't take him long to figure out where he's allowed and where he's not.  And Calcifer will help teach him as well.  That's another benefit to having two cats- the older one will help teach the younger one the rules (and what he can get away with).
And so I have two happy kitties once more, which of course makes me very happy as well.  You can be sure I'll be sharing more about both Calcifer and Ginko!  There will be pictures, blogs and videos filled with adorable felines- LOL!  Thank you for helping me welcome the newest member of my furry family! =)

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