Friday, December 2, 2011

A special necklace becomes a special Christmas gift

 A few weeks ago I made a new Christmas necklace from hand rolled polymer clay beads and some vintage beads and findings from Gramma's jewelry box.  I made the clay beads using leftover red and white clay from some candy cane pens (which can be found in my shop). The teardrop shaped pendant was also sculpted from this red and white mix.  I wanted something special for the center of the pendant so I dug through some of the vintage jewelry Gramma had given me before she passed away.  Gramma was pretty rough on her jewelry, so many of her earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets were broken.  Those broken bits and pieces still work for my purposes though.  I managed to find a broken earring with sparkling imitation diamonds that made the perfect centerpiece for the pendant.
The tiny green glass seed beads around the outside of the pendant are from Gramma's bead stash, as are the hollow silver beads, the green acrylic beads, and the white iridescent disc beads.  Before her arthritis got too bad Gramma enjoyed beading ornaments, among other crafty things. This pretty holiday necklace is a combination of my handmade beads and Gramma's vintage beads- there's a lot of love and a lot of history in this necklace. 
Over the holidays my best friend came for a visit, and as always, she checked out all the new things I had made since she last saw me.  She really liked this necklace, and when I told her about Gramma's contribution she liked it even more.  She decided it would make a very special gift for her mom, and to make it more special she decided to have her son give it to her for Christmas.  That way it would be from one Gramma to another.  I'm really glad this special necklace is going to become such a special Christmas gift!

~Michelle of CreativeCritters
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  1. Love this piece the seed beads are the perfect touch to the focal point.

    Feel free to share your work on my blog any time!

    i will be changing the topic every week