Thursday, March 1, 2012

Custom Cat and Dog Sculptures Lead to Promotional Pups and Pussycats from CreativeCritters on Fiverr

I joined Fiverr a few months ago and have been getting quite a few orders for my custom miniature dog and cat sculptures.  I do my very best to give customers far more than five dollar's worth and each customer had been very happy with the results.  I sculpt a 2 inch tall likeness of their pet in polymer clay based on the pictures they send me.  Here are just a few of the pets I've sculpted over the last several weeks.  You can click on the pictures to go directly to the gig on Fiverr.
Creating these adorable pets actually led me to create another type of gig.  Someone saw my miniature dog sculptures and thought they would make wonderful thank you gifts to his customers and asked if I could sculpt them with his logo added somehow.  I did a bit of experimenting and ended up creating these Promotional Pups for him to send to his customers.  I was able to include his message along with his business logo on the sign.  I can put just about any logo, name, or short message on the sign.
And one of the great things about these being handmade is that each one is a little different.  I don't use any molds, so you're always going to get a one of a kind creation.  And of course if I offer Promotional Pups I have to offer Promotional Pussycats!
What a unique and memorable way to thank your customers for their loyalty!  These would be great for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a way to say Congratulations!  A unique handmade gift will always stand out and the recipient will  certainly feel special.  You can check out all the gigs I offer on Fivver at, and if you don't find just what you're looking for you can always send me a message.  There's a good chance I'll be able to create just what you need.
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