Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has sprung!

And it's a bit earlier than usual this year.  In fact, we've had temperatures in the 70's and even up to 80 for the last week or so!  I can't ever remember wearing shorts in March before!  And the warm weather has caused all sorts of things to bloom weeks earlier than normal.  I went around the yard and got some pictures of some of the blooming flowers.
My lungwort has been blooming like crazy for over a week now, and has spread to several new spots in the flower beds.  I love these flowers- the blue and pink colors are so pretty and the spotted leaves are soft and fuzzy.  I like anything that's soft and fuzzy- LOL
This white hyacinth bloomed yesterday.  Hyacinths are some of my favorite fragrant Spring flowers.  I have them in shades of blue, pink, purple, white, and cream on both sides of the front door.  I can sit in the house with door open and smell them all day ;-)
This forsythia bush grew from a cutting I took of Gramma's 40 year old forsythia bush.  I only planted the sprouted cutting two years ago, but already it's a beautiful plant.  The original plant even had three flowers on it- LOL.  The fact that it has survived at all for all these years is impressive!  It's "baby" is doing quite well though ;-)

And the daffodils just started blooming yesterday.  Normally they don't bloom until Gramma's birthday (April 15th).  These daffodil bulbs are about 50 years old now, and have bloomed every single year of my life.  They're very special to me.  Every year, no matter what kind of weather we'd had  (and we had plenty of snowy Springs!), I was always able to pick enough daffodils to make a pretty bouquet for Gramma's birthday.  Some years that was all I got, just that one birthday bouquet, but that was the important one.
I'll be moving sometime in the near future, and I wonder if whoever moves into this house next will take care of my flowers and Gramma's flowers. It makes me sad to think of them being neglected or destroyed.  They may just be plants, but there's a lot of emotion and meaning tied up in these simple flowers for me.  I intend to take some bulbs and cuttings with me when I move, but I won't be able to take them all.  Things like the evergreens I planted several years back are now too big to move.  I transplanted them as tiny seedlings when I saw them sprouted in the cracks of the sidewalk, and now they've grown in lush little trees nearly as tall as I am.
Wandering the yard today was bittersweet.  I was saying goodbye to all the plants I had known throughout my life.  I've lived in this house, on and off, since I was born.  My first pets, two hamsters and a gerbil, are buried under the lilac bush next to the house.  My ferret, Ziggy, rests under the butterfly bush, and Ozzy and Cedric lay next to each other under the evergreens.  I feel Grampa's spirit every time I work in the garden, and Gramma's presence can be felt throughout the house.
This is the first year in about 15 years that I won't have a vegetable garden.  I don't want to have to leave it behind if I have to move during the summer.  There's a great sadness in not having a garden to work in.  I love starting my veggies from seed, nurturing them, watching them grow, and enjoying the fruits and vegetables of my labor.  
Wherever I end up, it will have to be someplace where I can have a nice big garden full of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.  It will be very strange starting from scratch in a new place though.  That's one reason I want to be able to bring at least a few of my plants with me.  It will be like having old familiar friends nearby ;-)
Thanks for listen to me blather on- LOL!  I hope you're all enjoying our early Spring!

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