Friday, March 16, 2012

My Cats Now Have Their Own YouTube Channel!

That's right, my cats, Calcifer and Ginko, have their very own YouTube channel.  If you visit you can see them in all their cuteness ;-)  I'd been planning on giving Calcifer his own channel for some time now, and of course I've been taking plenty of videos of all his cute kitty antics ;-)  And now with Ginko in the picture I've got more adorable kitty footage than I know what to do with!  I love being able to share all those funny little moments with all of you.  I'll be adding new videos regularly, so there will always be something different to see.  This is the most recent video, just uploaded tonight.  This shows you a bit of Calcifer's creativity.  One of his favorite toys has always been the plastic ring from the milk jugs.  When I put a small box on the floor for him to check out he brought his milk jug ring over and began trying to get it in the box.  He always has enjoyed a challenge (just like me- LOL).
So if you want to catch all the kitty cuteness, be sure to subscribe to Calcifer and Ginko's YouTube channel!  Thanks for watching!
~Michelle of CreativeCritters

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