Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cast A Stone- handmade runes, jewelry, and more

Cast A Stone, on ArtFire.com creates handmade Chakra and Yoga Inspirations, Reiki healer stones and jewelry, Altar Offerings, and more.  Lisa says "I am a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Ama Deus Master, Strega Witch of Family Tradition, Astrologer and Rune Master foremost. I have degrees in Crystal healing, Runes, Reiki, Herbal studies, Herbal healing, Aromatherapy and Shamanic practices. I've studied many forms of divination and use my intuitive senses to guide me through all I create.
I take my work very seriously and take the time, effort and spiritual guidance to put for the very best in all of my works. I obtain all the necessary courses and they have taken years to complete. My quest for knowledge is driven to put forth the best products for our Healers of the World. This way I have total understanding in all that I create.
I have two companies dedicated to my work Cast A Stone and Reiki Reflections. This is my full time life’s work, not a hobby. I have customers worldwide and work with numerous companies, Healing centers and Authors.
All of my crystals are hand picked, deeply engraved and painted. I take great care to ensure the paint or leafing in exactly inside of the engraving, not spilling out over the stones. I offer only the highest in quality to ensure your spiritual, magickal and healing tools come from the best & highest energies possible. I am always available by email for any questions or concerns and welcome any inquiries."
Cast A Stone can also be found online at www.castastone.com, Twitter, and IndiePublic.  Below is a sample of some of her work.  Be sure to stop by her shop and see all she has to offer, and don't forget, she takes custom orders as well!Tree of Life - Natures Mother - Marthas Vineyard Beach Stone PendantFootprint and Cat Paw Forever Friends - Marthas Vineyard Beach StoneBeautiful Green Aventurine Rune stones Set - HappinessNew - World of Warcraft Drinking Glass of the AllianceBlue Agate Pendant engraved with Reiki Kanji symbolEngraved Element Stones - Pocket Altar to Go - 5 pc setMy absolute favorite is the footprint and cat pawprint beach stone necklace.  That simple piece says so much!  I really like everything in this shop, though.  It's beautiful, well made, and full of positive energy.
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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