Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Polymer Clay Smooshers Buds and Blossoms Challenge

The theme for the Polymer Clay Smooshers Challenge this time was Buds and Blossoms, which worked out really well for me.  I've been sculpting lots of new floral themed items, and coming up with ideas for this challenge was no problem!  My first entry was my miniature Flower Garden sculpture.
Flower Garden Sculpture with Roses Hyacinths Tulips Iris Daffodils 
This incredibly detailed piece took quite a while to complete, and I did Work in Progress posts on my blog as I created it.  Every tiny little petal and leaf was cut out and individually shaped.  This garden is also a tribute to Gramma, who passed away last May.  It contains some of her favorite flowers, including roses, hydrangeas, daffodils, tulips, Irises, and hyacinths.
My second entry is a floral wall hanging incorporating vintage jewelry bits, metal charms, and beads along with the polymer clay.
OOAK Polymer Clay Wall Decor with Flowers Hummingbirds and Butterflies 
I made pink polymer clay roses, flowers in shades of pink and blue, and leaves and vines surrounding the piece.  Three little hummingbirds and two purple butterflies (painted metal charms) are spaced evenly among the flowers.
Both these pieces were a lot of fun to make, and tested my skills and creativity as a sculptor.  The rest of the entries for this challenge are just beautiful!  This guild has so many very talented members!  Be sure to check out all the entries in the Buds and Blossoms Challenge, and while you're there, vote for the theme for our next challenge.  I voted for Sci Fi because I've got some new ideas I'd like to try out ;-)
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