Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nothing beats handmade soap!

Julie, of Julie's Treasures on, has been making soap for more than 12 years.  At first she only made it for herself, but for Christmas 2009 she  made soaps and lip balms for presents. The rave reviews from friends and family were enough to make her decide to open a shop and start selling her wonderful soaps.  She also makes sugar scrubs and bath salts, which have been quite popular. Some of her customers have said, "I love it, doesn't dry my skin like regular soap does",  "WOW! This is better than what I pay $25.00 for", and "The perfume oil is wonderful".  Julie says, "Making soap is fun. I try experimenting with color, fragrance, & embedding soap & it is a challenge but turns out pretty."
Below is just a sample of the beautiful soap and other bath and beauty products Julie has available for sale.

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