Friday, May 14, 2010

Blackdog Handcrafted Jewelry - where you will find original and unique hammered Sterling Silver and Copper jewelry designs

Sandi, of Blackdog Handcrafted jewelry on, creates all her jewelry by hand in her home studio. She uses eco-friendly Sterling Silver and Copper whenever possible so you can "go green" and look gorgeous doing it. Sandi says "I enjoy creating jewelry that has that certain "style" that is both natural and soft yet bold and unique, easy to wear, eye catching pieces..I make what I love to wear! Inspiration comes from every where! Richly colored Gemstones from the earth, Pearls and Shells from the sea,the romance of handmade Bali,Thai-Hill Tribes Silver made by artisans in small villages far away, handmade Glass Beads,Crystals and of course the beautiful mountains where I live, all inspire me to develop new and exciting ideas.
I love to let the Sterling Silver and Copper tell me a "story" as it takes shape. Each piece is an original design and individually hand-crafted which means no two are exactly alike. When combined with rich, earthy Gemstones, polished and waxed the metal takes on a warm glow that looks and feels amazing next to the skin." Blackdog Handcrafted Jewelry can be found online at, Facebook, and Twitter. Below is a sample of some of the beautiful and unique jewelry available.

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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