Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pretty things of adornment from Baublezptoa

Baublezptoa on ArtFire.com creates beautiful jewelry from beads, gemstones, and precious metal clay. Her biography reads: "When I finished high school in Richmond, Va. and began taking accounting courses and working during the day, I used to walk around the block from where I worked to the only bead shop in town, and the only one in existence that I knew then. It was a hippie time of life and stringing beads for necklaces, bracelets and earrings to give to friends and family was just the thing, and I was enthralled with all of those beads!
Well the bead store closed, I no longer had a bead source and I really had to keep my head down with classes and work. Years later, on vacation I found another bead shop in Colorado. Oh Oh. but nothing serious happened until I left Corporate America to try a different approach to life.
So I learned about beads, and the history of them, trade beads, and what they meant, ancient beads and their values, vintage beads, and then gemstones and silver, then silversmithing, and more classes and lots of creativity, or so I thought until I discover Precious Metal Clay.
That is my medium of choice and I can still use beads and gemstones,! I have since gotten Precious Metal Clay Certification, and have many ruined blobs of silver behind me. It is one of the things I love to do, and it is an outlet for my desire to use my hands to create. And of course the positive feedback of someone wearing my creations is a marvelous reward."

Baublezptoa can also be found on www.baublez.themooaany.com, http://blog.themooaany.com, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. Below is a sample of some of the beautiful jewelry available from this very talented artist. Be sure to stop in and see all she ahs to offer!

Amethyst ,Fluorite anda Sea Urchin Imprint in Fine Silver PendantFine Silver End of the Day Mask PendantSilver Seahorses Pendant in Fine SilverHandcrafted Fine Silver and Red Orange CZ RingBleu Blue Periwinkle Blue Bead on a Silver BaubleMandala Pendant of Fine Silver Violet, Blue and GoldFine Silver One of at Kind Drama Mask PendantAmazonite, Serpentine and Vintage in a Pendant

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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