Thursday, July 29, 2010

CatsWire not only sculpts with polymer clay, but crochets wire!

Featuring fellow Polymer Clay Smoosher CatsWire

Cat, of CatsWire on, has always been fascinated by jewelry.  She's a fellow member of the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild and creates some very unique pieces incorporating polymer clay.  She also does something I find just amazing- she crochets with wire!  As if regular crocheting weren't difficult enough!  And to top that she knits wire with a spool or needles, and even combines the techniques.  The resulting jewelry is just amazing, especially when she adds polymer clay into her jewelry designs.  Her one of a kind pieces are made using different colors of sterling or fine silver and copper wire.  She also makes some really cool polymer clay sculptures and miniatures.  Cat is certainly a multi- talented lady!  Her customers certainly like the great service and wonderful items they have recieved from her!  Here's what a few of them have said "Your are the queen of silver knitting baskets! :) Love my new necklace", "I just received the necklaces and I love them. They are so, so beautiful. I am looking forward to wearing mine over Christmas, and my friend is going to love hers too. And thank you for the matching bracelet, it fits perfectly" and " Thanks Cat! I love the pieces. I expect that my daughter will want the ones I got and I will be back to buy more later. They arrived well packaged and in a short time after coming from Germany".  Not only is Cat a very talented artist, but a pleasure to do business with!  You can also find CatsWire online at, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.
She's got a shop FULL of great items, and I've chosen just a few of my favorites to share here.  Visit her shop and spend a little time browsing- you'll love what you find!
Polymer clay sculpture - Little mermaid on a rockPurple wire crochet flower in polymer clay bowlPolymer clay ladybug on leaf - Messenger of luckSilver wire crochet ring - A roses scentPolymer clay pendant - Night flightSilver plated wire crochet cat head pendant - kitty lineSmall wire crochet bowl with polymer clay fruitPolymer clay white whale with rowing boat - Toby MickUnique wire crochet flower bracelet - Hippie cuff
What an awesome variety of amazing pieces!  Of course I really love all the cat jewelry. Wink
-Michelle of CreativeCritters


  1. I love her work! She creates some very unique beautiful pieces.

  2. Thank you for the lovely post!