Friday, July 2, 2010

Cute pictures of my Calcifer Kitten

Today I thought I'd share some pictures of Calcifer. I know, I've been holding out on you. I've been taking plenty of pictures (thank goodness for digital cameras!), it just took a while for me to download and edit them all. Calicifer's growing like a fluffy weed and is a happy and very active six month old kitten. Not to mention the fact that he's very intelligent. He even taught himself how to play guitar! Seriously, I heard "someone" playing around with the guitar, turned around, and there was Calcifer plucking the strings with his teeth and claws! He's so curious, he just has to check everything out! It wasn't a one time trick either. He still likes to "play" every so often, and I've never had to train him in any way. Most of his "tricks" are ones he comes up with himself.
calcifer kitten plays guitarcalcifer kitten plays guitarcalcifer kitten plays guitar
My kitten the rockstar!
calcifer on my shoulders 2calcifer on my shoulders This is Calcifer impersonating a mink stole- LOL! He loves sitting on my shoulders, and even riding along as I go about my daily chores. He's got incredible balance and enjoys laying across my shoulders while I'm sculpting. He wants to be involved in everything I do!
calcifer giving Cedric a bathcalcifer on cedric (ride 'em cowboy!)calcifer and cedric in the windowcalcifer and cedric on blanket Calcifer just adores his big brother Cedric (sometimes a little too much). Cedric is a VERY patient cat, even putting up with a kitten draped across him like a blanket! They love looking out the window together. I can almost hear Calcifer saying "Did you see that?"

Calcifer sticking his tongue out2calcifer yawning And this is just Calcifer being too cute for words! Sometimes he wakes up, bathes briefly, then falls back asleep before his tongue is back in his mouth. Luckily he doesn't seem to get offended when I laugh at him.Wink
I hope you all enjoyed my adorable kitten and his very silly antics. Never fear, there will be plenty more pictures as my little fire demon grows into a big fire demon- LOL! Thanks for visiting CreativeCritters and sharing a smile! Laughing
-Michelle of CreativeCritters


  1. Just precious, Michelle. What a sweetie. Ijust love that he lays across your shoulder. That will be so nice in the winter time when the weather turns colder.
    Thanks so much for sharing! I just listed a couple of photos of Ernie on my blog a few days ago. He and Charlie (our foster kitty)
    are best friends just like your two babies.
    :o) button

  2. Hi Michelle! Wow, a guitar playing kitty cat! That's amazing! He's just adorable and he sure loves his Mommy!!

    I love when they look out the window together. Jack and Harley are doing that same thing right now.

    They do make me smile!

  3. ADORABLE! That guitar gig is TOO funny!