Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Calcifer's story

{Calcifer and Cedric}
Many of you who know me, know my kitten, Calcifer. For those who don't know Calcifer's story, I thought I'd share a bit about my fluffy friend.  Calcifer's story actually starts with Ozzy, the cat I had since I was 21.   Ozzy was my constant companion for 13 wonderful years until he passed away December 21, 2009.   I knew I would get another animal when I was ready, but our other cat, Cedric helped speed that decision along a bit.  The two cats had been like brothers, and Cedric mourned Ozzy's death as much as I did.  He wasn't used to being the only cat in the house.  I missed having a lap cat and a snuggly friend.  Although Cedric was affectionate, he wasn't a lap cat
. {Ozzy}

  I started going up to PetSmart on the weekends when they had their cat adoptions to see if I could find the right cat to bring home.  It wasn't easy- I wanted to rescue every cat and kitten I saw!  I knew I wanted to adopt a kitten since he would be more likely to adapt to a new home, and would accept Cedric more easily than an older cat who might be more set in his ways.    As for specific breed, I've always wanted a Maine Coone, but knew I would adopt any kitten that seemed "right".  After several trips without finding "the one"  I was going past the cages when a fluffy kitten caught my eye.  He seemed a little shy, but he was beautiful- a tiny silver ball of fluff with black stripes.  My heart dropped when I read the name on the tag: "OZZY".  I thought, "This is too much.  I can't have another Ozzy- there's only one."  So I went to look at the other kittens, only to find myself repeatedly drawn back to Ozzy's cage.  While I held the squiggly little kitten I learned that he only had sight in one eye, the other was covered by a milky film.  He had been one rescued from a hoarder's small apartment, along with about 50 other cats and kittens.  The shelter nursed him back to health, but said that he would always be blind in one eye.  They even offered to give me a discount on the adoption fee because of his eye and the fact that he was so shy.  They feared no one would adopt him because of his drawbacks.  Then I'd looked at his date of birth- December 23, 2 days after Ozzy died.  I looked into those beautiful kitten eyes and I just knew.  Just a bit of my Ozzy's very special soul had come back to me in the form of this "less than perfect" kitten.
It only took a few hours in his new home for this "shy" kitten to show me his true personality.  He was fearless, loving, playful, and intelligent.  He and Cedric quickly became  fast friends.  And I am Mommy- the love I feel from this creature is absolute. He was very young when he lost his mother and  I think that's why he started suckling on my hair when I held him.  I hold him on my chest, over my heart, and he buries his face in my hair, suckling and purring loudly, kneading my hair.  Now the really bizarre thing is that this is the ONLY time he purrs, no matter how happy he is.  I think of it as our special time together.  We have a very strong bond.  He even has many of the same habits as Ozzy, like sitting in some of the exact spots, in the same positions.  After I took him to my vet I discovered that he may be able to regain some of the sight in his bad eye.  He has diminished vision, but it doesn't seem to slow him down in the least.  As he's grown, I've discovered he IS a Maine Coone cat (there's really no doubt when you look at him now).  He's everything I could ever want in a cat.
And the unique name Calcifer come from the movie Howl's Moving Castle by Hayou Miyazaki.  Calcifer is the (good) fire demon whose magic moves the castle (among other things).  And my Calcifer certainly lives up to his name!  The way he races and leaps around here you'd think he had wings!  This fluffy beast is pure joy.  He just had his first birthday and seems to keep getting bigger every day!  He still cuddles with me (and suckles on my hair) several times a day.  And that's STILL the only time he purrs.  He's discovered that he can sit on my lap as well, and has even convinced Cedric to sit on my lap a few times (something I thought would never happen).  Calcifer's curiosity and intelligence seem to know no bounds.  And his love- I have never been so loved by a cat!  He's always near (if not on) me, and is interested in everything I do.  He enjoys draping himself across my shoulders and just hanging out with me.  I couldn't ask for a better friend!
{me and Caclifer}
-Michelle of CreativeCritters


  1. I love a good pet rescue story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a lovely story! He's a gorgeous kitty :)

  3. Thanks- I couldn't be CreativeCritters without that fluffy critter! He's inspired quite a bit of my artwork already ;-)