Monday, January 3, 2011

Rozine's Ink- Trendy Brand Marketing for Your Shop

Rozine's Ink is a unique graphic design boutique specializing in trendy brand marketing and digital collage sheets.  She says "To me, creating is almost more involuntary than breathing. My life path consists of creating; inspiring and helping other artist's do the same. My goal is to see happy, successful, vibrant people in my life fully and openly expressing themselves. Positive energy has amazing benefits and can change someones perspective dramatically.
I do my best to attract positivity, bottle it up and re-use it in the form of graphic images. There is something very satisfying in choosing symbols, patterns, colors and themes to represent another persons expressions. Its so exciting when I present a logo, banner graphic and matching avatar and get feedback explaining how great a clients studio looks and how many compliments they have received about hoYw professional their store front appears."  Rozine's Ink can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Below are some examples of what's available in her shop.
Custom Banner Graphic and Avatar - ArtFire Studio Makeover Kit 
This unique ArtFire Studio Makeover Kit includes One Banner Graphic and Matching Avatar.Bugs, Butterflies, Spiders & Bees Digital Collage Sheet for Bottlecaps  Bugs, Butterflies, Spiders & Bees Digital Collage Sheet
Digital Collage Sheet for INCHIES - Winter Wonderland of Snow 
Winter Wonderland of Snow Collage Sheet featuring snowmen, penguins, blizzards and holiday decorations. 
Be sure to visit her shop and see all she has to offer!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters


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