Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Mushroom Grove

The Mushroom Grove on offers historical-inspired rosaries and rosary jewelry, engraved eggs, recycled glass, sculpture, vibrant hand dyed silks, OOAK flameworked glass pieces, paintings and sculpture among other things.  Will and Bekka are the artists behind The Mushroom Grove.  Their Bio reads "William Bonnichsen was a Friday the 13th baby! He was born on a Naval base in Illinois to two Navy parents.  He showed talent as an artist from an early age and enjoyed sketching and painting as hobbies.  He attended school in Pennsylvania and after High School, attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  He traveled the United States extensively and worked as a conservation framer in Hawaii. He also sold a line of recycled glass jewelry both online and at galleries.
Bekka was born on the South Shore of Long Island, NY.  She always had an affinity for the arts and enjoyed creating in her spare time. She is also a licensed cosmetologist who enjoys the transformative powers of modern beauty techniques.  The couple met on Etsy in early 2010 and made a real life connection that turned into a lifelong partnership."  
I must say, this partnership certainly has worked out, creatively speaking.  Their shop is full of beautiful and unique handcrafted items.  You can also find them online at,, and on Twitter.  Below is just a small sample of the beautiful work available in The Mushroom Grove.  Be sure to stop in and see all they have to offer!Lampworked Orange Octopus and Squid Pendant Leaf with Caterpillar and Ladybug Flameworked Glass Pendant Ghost Cap Trippy Mushroom Pendant in Orange and Black 
There's a lot more where these cool pieces came from!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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