Friday, March 4, 2011

Free gifts can equal future sales

Sometimes people wonder if it's worth it to give free gifts with their orders.  I now have definite proof that it is indeed worth it to give customers free gifts with their orders!  Several months ago I got an order from Alisun's on ArtFire.  Her shop banner and avatar have a sun in them, so I figured she would like a polymer clay sun magnet as a free gift.  Whenever I can I like to suit my free gifts to the person receiving them.  Alisun remembered that free gift and recently asked if I could make a bulk order of those suns, without the magnet.
Special order for Alisun 50 Yellow Polymer Clay Smiling Suns
Of course I was more than happy to fill this order!  With all the rain and snow we've had lately, I needed a bit of sunshine- LOL!  This is my first bulk order, but hopefully not my last.  Something like these suns would make a great promotional gift for any business.  They can be made into magnets or pins, and will make customers remember your shop.  So if anyone else is interested in a few (or many) polymer clay shapes like this, just use the Contact Artisan button at CreativeCritters to send me a request.  Thanks for stopping by!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters


  1. That totally rocks!! Way to go Michelle!

  2. And I have those suns in hand and they are awesome! thanks Michelle!