Monday, March 7, 2011

Work in progress- a Dragon trinket box for Morgan

My best friend's son, Morgan, has a birthday coming up in a few weeks and I've started making him his own dragon trinket box.  The last time they were here he saw the one I have for sale in my shop and just loved it.
OOAK Polymer Clay Trinket Box with Three Fantasy Dragon Sculptures 
This one's a bit delicate for a child, but I think Morgan will like the one I'm making him.  Like most of my trinket boxes, this one started out with a metal coffee tin, which I covered in Tacky glue (that helps the polymer clay adhere to the metal box).  For this one I added a cardboard base, also covered in glue. 
Then I covered the tin in blue clay and the base in green clay, which I textured to look like grass.
Next I made foil armatures for each of the three dragons.  By using a foil armature I can create a stronger sculpture and use less clay. 
The one on the left will be the father dragon, and he'll be on the lid.  The middle one will be the mother, and the one on the right will be the baby.  For the lid I cut 2 rectangles from sheets of clay, sandwiching a wire between the layers and leaving about 2" of wire sticking up in the middle of the lid.  I pierced the dragon armature and used liquid polymer clay on the wire and in the hole to secure him to the lid. 
Here's Daddy Dragon after being attached to the lid.  I cut out each of his scales individually.  Here you can see how he looks before he has all his scales on. 
I'm giving these dragons more of a cute look, since they're for a child.  And I'm making them in shades of blue and green, because Morgan said that good dragons are blue and green, and mean dragons are red (wouldn't want to give him a trinket box with mean dragons on it!).  Stay tuned to see how this one turns out!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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