Friday, February 26, 2010

Gramma's coming home

As some of you know, I've been taking care of Gramma for quite a few years now, and about a month ago she went into the hospital with bronchitis. She's been improving slowly but surely. She's been in the nursing home for almost a month doing her rehabilitation. This is actually a pretty nice place- not really fancy, but clean, friendly, and focused on the patients. Most of the nurses, therapists, and aides I've met since Gramma got in there have been really nice people. Of course Gramma's got a few complaints (she can be pretty picky about her food), but overall I'm quite satisfied with the care she's received. She's got a few "favorites" there- the ones that laugh and joke with her, the nurse that bought lotion just for Gramma, and the therapist who's also her cheerleader. Gramma's worked very hard to regain her strength, and is actually in a better frame of mind now than she was before she went to the hospital. Having my mother come visit from out of state really raised Gramma's spirits as well. We've done all we can to let Gramma know that she is loved and we all care very much about her.
The house hasn't been quite the same without her here. Even Cedric kitty misses Gramma. Every so often he'll go upstairs and jump on her bed looking for her. She'll be coming home Tuesday, though, so we'll all be together again. I'll need to get her a few things before she gets home, and a few things will have to wait until after she's back. She needs a new hospital bed and a new chair, and I'm hoping to get the bed covered by her insurance. Then of course we'll have to get our schedules figured out again. Given a choice, Gramma is a night owl. In the nursing home they've been getting her up much earlier than she's used to, so she'll probably start getting up later once she's home. I let her set her own schedule and just try to work around it. It will be nice to have her back home where she belongs though. I'll try to keep everyone posted on her progress, if life doesn't get too crazy- LOL!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters


  1. That is great news Michelle. I know you'll be relieved to have her back at home. Grandmas are special people♥