Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I got a Happy Award!

I was given this award by Cindi at http://clayitagain.blogspot.com
For this award I'm supposed to list 10 things that make me happy and try to do at least one today.Tag 10 bloggers that brighten my day and they are to link back to my blog and make their own 'Makes Me Happy' list.
Here are 10 things that make me happy:
1)All furry critters, especially my Cedric kitty. Animals simply make me smile :)
2)Chatting with my online friends (sometimes the ArtFire forums have me laughing out loud!).
3) Talking with or (better yet) spending time with my best friend, Monica. That girl has always made me feel good about myself. She's one person I can talk about ANYTHING with. She's like the sister I never had.
4) Gardening makes me happy too. I love the sunshine and watching my seedlings grow into strong, productive plants. I like breaking a sweat and getting dirty, and then reaping the rewards of my labors.
5) Of course my creative endeavors make me happy too. I love sculpting polymer clay, knitting my stuffed animals, and sewing my dolls. The best is when I have hours all to myself, and don't have to worry about "taking care of" anyone else for a while. I can really get lost in my projects.
6) Exercise is another thing that makes me happy. I enjoy challenging my body physically, and seeing just how strong I am.
7) Rocking in a rocking chair has had a soothing effect on me since I was a baby. Gramma used to rock me for hours (I guess I cried a lot), and that is something I never grew out of.
8) Water makes me happy too. When I was a teenager I lived on Lake Berlin and spent MANY hours swimming and playing in the lake. I've always liked rivers, streams, ponds, any type of water.
9) Seeing Gramma getting stronger as she progresses with her physical therapy makes me very happy, and proud of her. Just seeing Gramma happy, makes me happy. She's been a very important part of my life from the day I was born.
10) Giving my handcrafted items as gifts makes me happy too. I guess I like making other people happy. And if I can do that with something that I made myself, that's even better.
Today I spent time playing with Cedric, and laughing my butt off watching him act like a kitten (he's 11). I spent time with Gramma at the nursing home, and made her smile telling her about the relatives who are sending their love. I had a few minutes to sit in my rocking chair and sew on my newest teddy bear (I'll work on her more tonight). I'll also try to pop into the forums, and visit Facebook to see what my online friends are up to.
And these are 10 bloggers who make me happy (in random order).
These are all great blogs, and I highly suggest checking them out! Thank you for this award, Cindi. I can add that receiving this is another thing that made me happy;-)
-Michelle of CreativeCritters


  1. Thank you! Such an honor for both of my blogs.

  2. Congrats on your award!

    I gave you an award too! Visit my blog to pick it up! =] Yay!


    Have a happy day!