Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wearable Art Huggable Friends- from yarn to treasures

Wearable Art Huggable Friends on creates some truly adorable clothes, accessories, toys, and more, all knit or crocheted by hand.  Laura says "Knitting and crocheting help keep my spirit in balance.
There is an excitement in finding a new yarn or pattern. Then, being able to imagine how something is going to look when I add my pespective.
The movement of the hook or needles creates a rhythm that gives me joy.I like to think that I infuse good thoughts into each piece that I make.
My greatest hope is that I deliver a little bit of that positive energy to the person that receives my products".  As a fellow knitter, I completely understand the excitement of a new pattern and the calming rhythm of the needles.  And what she creates with those needles is just amazing.  Some of her customers have said "These are the so totally adorable! You are one talented gal!!! Thank you extra-much fro the lamb! She's a keeper! Beautiful, imaginative and sweet! 3 words that best decribe---YOU and your "critters" LOVE LOVE LOVE 'EM" and "Oh Laura she's BAACK!! I finally have another Ballerina Bunny and she's PERFECT! The shades of blue are just spectacular and I love the combination :) YOUR NEW PENCIL TOPPERS--SO COMPLETELY SPECIAL!!!  Love them both!!"  You can also find Laura on Facebook, Twitter, and

Below is just a very small sample of the many wonderful items available from this very talented fiber artist.  Be sure to stop by her studio and see everything she has to offer!

Hand crocheted Bedtime Bear Care Bear 15 inches tallBlue Note Bear Care Bear Hand CrochetedLop Earred Bunny 17'' tall Hand CrochetedJumper 12 months Hand KnitHooded Poncho  12 months - 2 years Hand CrochetedBilled Cap Large 21'' Purples Hand KnitCupcake Hat 1-4 years yellow hand knit acrylic

Talk about talent!  And there is SO much more to see in her shop!

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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