Thursday, September 2, 2010

This Praying Mantis chose MY Garden for his Home!

This large, beautiful Praying Mantis seems to have decided to make a home in my garden.  This is totally awesome!  I haven't seen Paying Mantises in this area since I was a kid.  They're fascinating insects and do a great job hunting and eating the bad bugs in the garden.  And they seem to enjoy getting their picture taken- LOL!  I swear this guy was posing for me.  I'm very happy that he chose my garden as his hunting grounds.  That tells me I'm doing something right.  My garden is completely organic- no chemicals or pesticides, only natural fertilizers and insect control.  And what could be more natural than one insect eating another?  Hopefully this is a female and she'll lay eggs.  I'd love to see a healthy Praying Mantis population around here again.  It seems like I discover new creatures in my garden every year- it's like an entirely different world in there!  This is what happens when you let nature take over a bit. ;-)
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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