Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trinkets and Treasures- Unique Handmade Jewelry on

Trinkets and Treasures creates beautiful handmade jewelry.  Her biography reads: "I saw a flyer for a silver art clay class and thought it would be fun, I loved it. I wanted to add beads to one of my metal art clay pieces so I took a class in beading. I just kept taking more classes, wire wrapping, pearl knotting, chain maille, and fused glass, lapidary, metalsmithing. I took a few more silver art clay classes & I decided to become a certified instructor in silver art clay. I am always taking some kind of class, I love learning. I made a studio in my home and spend all my free time creating something, learning new ways and new things to create. I also love the beach, fossil hunting, rockhounding and reading."  I like the fact that she's constantly learning new things and spends as much time as she can creating.  That's something I can certainly relate to!  And her customers definitely benefit from her creativity and knowledge in variety of art forms.  You can find Trinkets and treasures online on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Below is just a sample of some of the beautiful items you can find in her shop.  I must admit I'm very drawn to the silver art clay pieces.  That's something I intend to try my hand at one of these days.  Be sure to stop in and see everything she has to offer!

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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