Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Well, I hope everyone had a happy Easter. My husband and I spent the day at his aunt's house with all the in-laws and cousins. I happen to love all my in-laws, so I really enjoyed myself. The kids got to hunt for Easter eggs, then they hid them for the adults to find. I think the adults were more competitive than the kids! One cousin was bribing the kids to show her where the eggs were hidden! I laugh so hard when I'm with these people! And I adore the kids. Most are about 2 -5 years old, and they are just so much fun. I don't have kids of my own, so spending time with the youngest cousins is always a treat for me. I like getting down on the floor and playing Legos, or stuffed animals, or better yet, pretending to be different animals. Lilly is always a cat. I do love that little girl. It's a wonder so much personality can fit in a 5 year old.
I love seeing the aunts and uncles too. They're such friendly, fun people. They always like to hear about my art work, and were very happy to hear I made my first sale on Artfire a few days ago. My husband's cousin Andy was the one who got me started making earrings a few years ago. She convinced me that the ones I made for her were nice enough to sell. Since then I have sold quite a few pairs of earrings. The family is very close and supportive. They've treated me as a part of the family since before my husband and I were even married. I'm always happy when I'm with any of them. You couldn't find more generous people anywhere. They always make a ton of food, and everybody has to take some home. I won't have to cook for at least 3 days! Of course I try to contribute to the offerings whenever possible. Today I made a chocolate raspberry braid (sweet bread filled with raspberry jelly and dark chocolate). I came up with the recipe myself a few days ago. Everybody seemed to like it- but then again, you can't really go wrong with chocolate and raspberry.
Oh yeah, they have 3 dogs, as well. Not only do I get to play with the kids, but I get to wrestle around with 2 large pit bulls (very sweet dogs) and cuddle with little Benji. I love animals, and I really miss having a dog. The pit bulls are just big goofy clowns. They're so gentle- no matter how much we play and rough house, they never bite or growl. Well, that was my Easter- a lot food, fun, kids, and dogs. Now I'm tired, but happy.

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