Saturday, April 4, 2009

Feival the Fairy's Discovery (a fairy tale)

Feival the fairy was walking through the woodland one warm spring day when he spied a large blue and green speckled egg laying in the grass. He couldn't imagine where it might have come from. As he made a closer inspection of the egg he noticed small cracks beginning to form. Whatever was inside the egg was just about ready to come out! As Feival watched a little green snout poked through the shell, soon to be followed by a pair of bright black eyes, and then an entire reptilian head. Why, that was the head of a baby dragon! Feival jumped back away from the egg when he realized that he was watching a dragon emerge from the egg. Dragons could be terrible predators, and were known to eat just about anything they could fit in their jaws. This dragon, however, was now stuck halfway out of his shell. He couldn't seem to get the rest of his body freed. Watching the animal's struggles, Feival began to feel sorry for the helpless creature. Pushing his fear aside, he approached the baby carefully saying, "Hey little guy, take it easy there fella. Be nice and don't eat me, OK?" It only took Feival a minute to find the problem and break the shell away. the little dragon tumbled from the egg and landed in a heap, tail flopped over his head and legs sprawled in all directions. Feival couldn't help but laugh. This little guy wasn't exactly fearsome. Seeing that the dragon was having a hard time untangling his limbs, Feival helped straighten him out. In thanks, the dragon gave Feival a big sloppy kiss with his long forked tongue.
"You're more like a pup than a big deadly dragon," Feival laughed, patting him on his gold speckled green head. He realized that the dragon must be an orphan. Normally female dragons wouldn't leave their nest until well after all the eggs had hatched, and they certainly wouldn't leave an egg out in the open. Something must have stolen the egg and left it here. So now the fairy had a choice- he could leave the defenseless infant on it's own in the wilderness, or he could try to care for it himself. Really, there was no choice. Feival was a kind hearted soul who simply couldn't allow an animal to suffer. So he gathered up the little green creature and carried him back to his home in the hollow oak tree.

Feival and the dragon, which he named Dilwyn, quickly bonded. Feival would sit in the sun in the morning with Dilwyn on his lap while the dragon warmed up. He would talk to the dragon about all sorts of things. And Dilwyn, being of one of the intelligent dragon breeds, listened to every word Feival said. He even understood most of it. As Dilwyn grew he became Feival's protector, rather than the other way around. And Feival's opinion of dragons in general drastically changed. He realized how intelligent, friendly, and faithful they could be. He and Dilwyn were now constant companions, and both were better for that.
And they lived happily ever after!

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