Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sold my first plush WoW Tauren!

This is my second sale on ArtFire, and my very first World of Warcraft character I've sold. I've only been making plush WoW characters for a few months now. My mother and younger brother play the game and thought it would be cool if I could make the characters as plush toys. I started with the Tauren because they are just so neat. The ones in my studio now range from about 14" - 18" or so. They're all handsewn, and most of them wear leather outfits. Most carry some sort of weapon, which I generally sculpt from polymer clay. A lot of research has gone into each one. I don't play the game myself, so I spent a lot of time online learning about the characters (WoWwikki is really useful). Each character takes at least 40 hours to complete. They're completely handsewn, and their clothing is attached to their body. In most cases their weapons can be attached to their hands with velcro. I really like the one I sold today. She was sewn in "modern cow velboa" fabric, which has a short furry nap. I saw that fabric and knew I had to make a Tauren with it. Her leather top and skirt came out nicely too. Her giant mace (huge hammer type weapon) came out really well too. My mother was really happy when I told her about my sale. Of course I had to call her first! I think my older brother would have been really proud too. He really liked the game and played whenever he got the chance. He recently passed away, and in some ways, making these characters is a way to honor him. I know he really would have liked them. I miss my brother very much, but he continues to inspire me.
I'm working on another Tauren right now, a male that I'll list at when he's complete. Here are the World of Warcraft Taurens available right now.

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