Saturday, April 4, 2009

My latest project- Taurens

Several months ago I had never even heard of a Tauren, then my mother started talking about the World of Warcraft and the characters that inhabit that world.  After she saw some of my other work she thought it would be a good idea for me to recreate these characters as plush critters.  I chose to start with Taurens because they're critters that I like.  They're very spiritual and protect their environment.  I did quite a bit of studying to get the look just right.  I have 3 plush Taurens available in my shop now and am working on a hunter Tauren and his pet lion.  These guys stand about 16" tall and take quite a while to make, but I enjoy doing it.  I've always liked stuffed animals, now I have a good excuse to make themLaughing!  So far this one is my favorite.  I used real leather for her top and skirt and used polymer clay for the tree detail on her skirt and the leaf pendant attached to her cloak. 

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