Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gifts for animal lovers

As you can probably tell from my shop name, CreativeCritters, I'm a real animal lover, and have been all my life.  From my first lump of Play Doh I was sculpting crude cats and dogs, as well as attempting to sew my own stuffed animals.  My skills have improved just a bit since then- LOL!  In ceramics class in high school I was always getting in trouble for sculpting animals, rather than the bowls and cups we were supposed to be making.  Now, of course I can make whatever I want, and my inventory certainly reflects that.  I have animal Christmas ornaments, animal sculptures, animal pen sets, animal jewelry, knit stuffed animals, and catnip toys stuffed with my own organic catnip.  So if you're an animal lover yourself, or have one on your Christmas gift list, stop in and see some of my unique handcrafted items that are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.  You can click on the pictures below to go directly to the listing, or click on the categories to view everything available.

Singing Penguin Christmas Ornament with BellHandmade Singing Cat Wearing Knit Scarf and Hat Christmas OrnamentWhimsical Beagle Dog penLife Size Mouse sculptureOrange and Yellow Striped Knit CatBlack and Gray Cat magnetHandmade Knit Catnip Cat Toy with Organic CatnipRed Catnip Mouse Cat Toy With Organic Home Grown CatnipAffenpinscher Dog pinColorful handmade Knit BirdAdorable Cheetah sculptureSanta Mouse sculpture

And there's a lot more where these came from!  I've got critters wandering all over my studio, with more being adding regularly.  Thanks for stopping by!

-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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