Monday, February 28, 2011

Flooded basement

Well, it's been a busy day, which started about 3am.  Let me just say, I'm glad I'm a night owl and was still up when I heard the sump pump kicking on constantly.  It had been raining since about midnight, and there was at least a foot of snow on the ground, so I knew there was a chance we might get water in the basement.  Usually only a little water comes in and only one spot.  This time was very different.  The sump pump couldn't keep up with all the water coming in, and within a very short time I noticed water seeping in along the front wall.  What started as a trickle turned into a stream within minutes.  All I could do was try to salvage everything I didn't want to get wet.  It was a little scary when water started coming up from the cracks in the floor!  That had NEVER happened before.  So I was up until 6am moving furniture, boxes, books, and anything else I could possibly move to higher ground.  Normally the cat's litter boxes are in the basement, but I moved them upstairs so they wouldn't have to go swimming in order to use them- LOL.  Unfortunately Cedric doesn't like change of any sort and spent the entire night (well morning, actually) loudly complaining about not being allowed to go downstairs and having his litterbox moved.  So I got absolutely no sleep, and still had to clean up today.  I managed to save everything important, and got most of the water cleaned up today.  A wet/ dry vac is a very useful tool!  I'm hoping I can salvage the carpets.  I vacuumed up as much water as possible out of them and have had a fan running all day.  It's certainly better than it was when I went down there this morning!  So that was pretty much the only thing I accomplished today, and I am beat!  And I feel sorry for the garbage collectors this week, because I know I'm not the only one with a flooded basement in this neighborhood.  People were putting out waterlogged stuff already this afternoon.  I am so glad I was awake when the water started coming in, otherwise I'd have a lot more to go out on the curb myself.  Now, I'm going to relax!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters


  1. Ugh. I am so glad you caught it in time.

  2. It's awful when that happens! I hope you managed to save all that was important to you. All this crazy weather has a lot to answer for! Helen

  3. omg that's terrible! So glad you caught it early and I hope you don't lose too much!

    lol on Cedric ;P cats are so darned funny.....and, um, LOUD!

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  6. I can so relate to what you said Michelle. I’m a night owl myself and I’m usually the first one to notice unusual screeches in the house at night. We live in a flood prone area and we make sure we’re always ready whenever there would be flood coming as we have seen the extent of damage that flooding can cause to our walls, insulation, and carpeting.

    Darryl Iorio