Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life in polymer clay

Well, that's the topic for the Polymer Clay Smooshers Blogring.  Life...hmm, that can have all sorts of interpretations, can't it?  Of course there's plant, animal, and insect life- things that have always interested me.  Maybe that's what I'll focus on for this post, which is especially appropriate with Spring approaching.  And of course Spring is all about rebirth and life.  Baby animals are born, the plants come back to life, the insects awaken from their winter hibernation and begin buzzing about again.  Yes, I think Life and Spring go hand in hand.  So let's see what I can find in the shops of my fellow Smooshers that represents Life.
A sure sign of Spring in the country is hearing the Spring Peepers singing their mating song in the evening.  This trio of frogs from Art by Susmitha may or may not be peepers, but that's what they make me think of. 
Miniature Polymer Clay Happy Orange Frog Family of 3 
They also remind me of the spring I captured a bunch of tadpoles and raised them until they became frogs.  Not that was a fun lesson on life!  They turned out to be tree frogs and stayed in the yard after I released them.  I loved growing up in the country!
This Flower Baby Sprite from Blue Jane makes me think of all the flowers starting to bloom and come to life in the Spring.
Flower Baby Sprite Face OOAK 
I love getting out in early spring and taking the fall leaves off the flower beds, exposing the tiny green shoots of emerging flowers.  In a matter of days sometimes they open their leaves and petals to the warm sunshine, filling my garden with color and life.
And this Bee Skep with Honey Thief from ColtPixy reminds me how thrilled I always am to see the first honeybee of Spring come back to life.
Bee Skep with Honey Thief Fairy 1:6 play scale 
For a gardener, bees are life.  Without those busy little pollinators, we wouldn't get any fruits or vegetables from our gardens.  And unless you're trying to steal their honey, like this naughty little fairy, bees will generally avoid conflict with people.  I've never been stung, and consider bees my friends. 
So there's a little slice of Life from the very talented Polymer Clay Smooshers guild. ;-)
The pictures are all linked, so just click them to view the listing for any of these items, and while you're there browse the rest of the shop- you won't be disappointed!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters


  1. Oh, you are almost motivating me to get outside and start cleaning up the winters mess! Almost, not quite =) Wonderful items here form the polymer clay smooshers!

  2. I am so looking forward to Spring! I live out in the country now and Spring is the perfect representation of life out here. New growth on plants and animals being born. You can literally smell green. =)