Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Striping my Cat Sculpture

I've moved on to the painting stage of my Steampunk Pirate Cat sculpture, adding some of the darker colors and details.  After letting the first wash of color dry, I dry brushed the belly with light tan acrylic paint.  I painted the rest of the body a silver gray color.  Here you can see what he looks like after starting to add some of the black areas.
Next come the stripes, and a light pinkish tan color for the nose and inner ears.
I also added that little white spot that Calcifer has on his belly.  That's the only true white fur on him, and part of what makes him special. ;-)

This is by no means finished.  Sometimes I find it helps to set a piece aside for a day or so, then look at it with fresh eyes to spot any additions or changes that need to be made.  I also have to wait for my order of larger Steampunk parts to arrive before I can start making his wings and other accessories.  The way I'm planning on making the wings will be very labor intensive, but I think the end result will look really cool.  I want to give him a time traveling watch too (so he can travel through time like Dr. Who does in the TARDIS).  I have some tiny Steampunk parts that should work well for that.  I'm still thinking about other things to add.  Suggestions or any thoughts you may have are always welcome, by the way.  I love to hear what other people think!  Thanks for stopping by and continuing to share this creative journey with me! =)
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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  1. I can't wait to see how this comes out! I love the idea of a Steampunk cat sculpture!!!! ~Val