Friday, June 10, 2011


That's this week's blog ring topic for the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild.  I love Turquoise- the color and the stone.  I still have a necklace with a Turquoise pendant that a boy gave me when I was about 14.   I do believe that was the first jewelry I ever got from a guy. ;-)  And I love the beautiful turquoise colors that can be found on some birds, like these Angry Birds from Popnicute.  These are just about the cutest angry birds I've seen!
Handmade Angry Birds in A Cup Copper Argentium Silver Artisan Earrings 
I love the turquoise polymer clay beads in this bracelet from Life Art Designs.  Such a beautiful color!  And they look just perfect with the translucent aqua blue glass beads.
Turquoise and Aqua Mixed Media Bracelet 
This Faux Turquoise bracelet and earring set from Haffina Creations looks just like the real thing!  One really fun aspect of polymer clay is the ability to mimic just about anything.  Although it does take a talented artist to make them look this good ;-)
Faux Turquoise Two Strand Bracelet and Matching Earrings 
Turquoise and silver are such a classic combination, and I love the way they're mixed in this necklace and earring set from Dana's Jewelry Etc.
Turquoise and Silver Necklace and Earring Set 
So many beautiful Turquoise creations can be found within the ArtFire shops of the members of the Smooshers guild!  Be sure to do some browsing and find a few treasures of your own!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

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