Sunday, June 19, 2011

Learn how to make amazing videos with Video Magic for Non Techies Artists and Crafters Edition

Many of you may not know that when I'm not making sculptures, cat toys, and other crafty things I'm making videos.  A few years ago I never would have believed that I would be able to make really cool videos (for some pretty big clients, too!).  I jumped in with both feet, even though I knew nothing about videos.  My mom taught me a lot, and some things we learned together.  She's very familiar with the craft world and has made stained glass, wooden decorations and toys, and pewter figures, which she sold at craft shows, flea markets, and renaissance fairs.  She's also spent 30 years teaching people all thing tech related, and let me tell you, she's one heck of a teacher!  She and I took all we learned about making videos and put together an 8 part course in video and PDF format to teach other crafters how to make their own awesome videos, without spending tons of money on video editing software.  Video Magic for Non Techies gives you The Who, What, Where, and Why of Video Marketing, the How of Making Videos, Gathering Images for Videos, Using an Online Video Creation Site, Using the Best Online Video Creation Site, Sound and Final Production, and Tips and Tricks to work around common problems.  This course was created specifically for crafters and artists, and is priced with the starving artist in mind.  For $9.95 you get everything you need, and nothing you don't need!  Some video courses have SO MUCH information and options, you just get completely lost.  We made it simple and included just the information you need, and put it in an easy to follow format that anyone can understand.  Remember, when I started making videos I was absolutely clueless- LOL!  So if I can do it, anyone can do it.  Just click on Video Magic for Non Techies, check out the page (we try to give you as much info as possible, so you know what you're getting) and click the Buy Now button at the bottom of the page to purchase this program.  You won't regret it!  And you'll be amazed at the awesome videos you can create.  Videos are one of the best ways to promote your work- Google loves video ;-)  There are also 3 sample videos I created on the page to give you some ideas of ways to use video, and just what can be done using these techniques.  And if you have any questions there's an email link at the bottom of the page and your emails will be answered promptly.  I'm so happy to be able to share what I've learned with my fellow artists and crafters!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters 


  1. Thank you so much, Michelle. i hope one day to be able to make some videos. :o) button

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